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How much do repo guys get paid per car they repo?

Asked by SarahBeth (110points) May 11th, 2009

just watching that ‘repo’ show… (one of my fav’s lately) and wondering how much these guys make

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what channel is it on? I love that show!

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for sure- i love that show too! and thanks for the link… answered my question exactly

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It varies from state to state. If you are the owner of the business and do your own work, you could make from $125 to $350 per car, but your business expenses come out of that. If you are an independent contractor with a tow truck and you contract out, the expenses have to come out of your pocket, but it’s easier than having an office, and related overhead.

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I’m not sure how much they get paid, but I know it’s a lot. I used to work for an answering service. Once in a while we would get a call into one of the tow services to go do a repo and the drivers were always tickled to do a repo cuz they made a ton on it.

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Not enough to salve their conscience for anyone who has one.

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