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My Wii makes a rather loud burring sound when i load disks into the drive whats up ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) May 13th, 2009

When i enter a disk it has four stages of different strange burring sounds , as the drive motor starts up and gets to speed . Would it be easy enough to open the Wii and see whats up ? I am good at this type of thing but should i do it or take it to a shop/ buy a new one ?

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Just as a warning, if you bought the Wii brand new, opening it up yourself will void your warranty. If it’s new, call up Nintendo and talk to them, they’ll fix it for you for free usually.

FYI mine makes a burring noise while loading discs, but does not burr constantly during play. I would compare your Wii with another to make sure it’s not just a loud machine by default and thus there is no problem.

Even if you wanted to crack it yourself, you won’t have the proper replacement piece if it is a busted piece causing the noise, and it’s very risky to open up the disc reading mechanism and get it working afterward if you’ve never done it before…

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is your wii vertical or horizontial? try laying it horizontal…just be sure to take off the foot that makes it stand vertical.

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Its an old machine it has been tested against a different Wii , and the noise just came from no where . It is in the vertical stage but has been tried on the horizontal to see if that helped , no joy i have opened many a laser before in consoles and cd players i could easily source the part if it is a fail within the Wii . Its a constant burring starts off low ( on the 1st stage of disk read ) then gets gradually louder and only stops when i take disk out .

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I have had my wii for a year and it was making that noise then it just stopped reading discs all together.

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@Ashalah Damn So what did you do with the Wii ?
I have opened the Wii and have sorted the noise ( do not follow what youtube says to do ) they only give you a short term fix .

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After I bought that smash brothers brawl my wii wouldnt read it. Then it wouldnt read any disc. I think if I can send my wii ad the game back to nintendo they should be able to fix the disc reader.

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