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What are some good dark Tango songs?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) May 13th, 2009

We are doing a group indie for my communication’s class, and i need a dark and gloomy tango song for the beginning of our video.

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one mango tango by lou hickey, mebbe?

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How about the tango version of Roxanne from Moulin Rouge

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@lercio: I was thinking of that too—depends on the attitude of the dark and gloomy, but it’s really great.

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I might be off base here but I think the Tosca Tango Orchestra does a particulary dark sounding Tango.

I don’t know if this is tango or not. Maybe check out some of there other stuff…

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I’m sure that Gotan Project has one.

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@jmah MUCH LURVE i totally agree with the Gotan project suggestion and would go as far as to add a couple of song tittles like “una musica brutal”,“Chunga┬┤s revenge”, Triptico”, “la del ruso”, “vuelvo al sur” and of course “last tango in paris”

One of my favorite groups bar none. enjoy

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thanks everyone. I listened to una musica brutal and I think that’s the one we’re going with. =]

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@NazNthahouse23 AWESOME AND SEXY SONG… much lurve.

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