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What is the name and who is the author of a sci-fi story written about the the writing of the bible?

Asked by cnfclarke (1points) December 21st, 2007

It starts with two brothers (I think Aaron & Jacob) and one says to the other that in the beginning, about xxx billion years ago, the universe was created, and the brother chimes in that normal people couldn’t understand that length of time, so xxx million years is suggested. They argue some more and eventually the last line (ish) of the story works out to be something like “On the first day…”

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Me! seriously, I wrote a sci-fi story about how the bible was written, although I doubt that’s the one you’re thinking of. The bible was originally a collection of short stories written by an alcoholic hack of an authour who lived in a slum and then through a ridiculous string of circumstances the universe ended and the manuscript was the only thing that survived and it landed on a fisherman who then took it as the word of god, or something.

I didn’t say it was a good story

It’s not the von daniken stuff you’re thinking of is it? Chariots of the gods and suchlike?

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Isaac Asimov wrote a short story in one of his Foundations series about a salesman who was writing a book to get rich quick. At the end, it’s revealed it’s the Bible.

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