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Can anyone shed some light onto why this photo violates the Terms of Use for Photobucket?

Asked by casheroo (18086points) May 17th, 2009

I just noticed one of my photos was deleted off of Photobucket, and I’m stumped as to why.
Here are the Terms of Use

and here is the photo of my son stirring ingredients

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Perhaps because he seems to be naked.

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i’m guessing this:


8.4 contains nudity, excessive violence, or offensive subject matter or contains a link to an adult website;

probably, someone flagged it, even though the little guy is not nude, nor is he in a sexual situation. some overly uptight nutjob.

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@Facade He is not nude though, he is wearing a diaper and pants, you can’t see that behind the counter though. Even if he were nude, it’s just his top half and he’s a little boy. When did a guys top become “nudity”? I thought men were allowed to show nipples.

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@eponymoushipster How could anyone see it though, if my photobucket is private? That confuses me too.

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let’s hope men are allowed to show nipples, because mine are sexual magic.

perhaps photobucket has a “censor squad”, much like facebook, who peruse the photos looking for “inappropriate” content. in such a case, they’d probably have access to private accounts.

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@casheroo, in their eyes, that’s not really relevant. Photobucket, like any major site or corporation, is almost certainly more inclined to protect their own rears than to listen to your story – even if it is the truth.

What led them to that specific photo, I can’t say.

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@casheroo I said “seems to be” because I can see he’s not naked. Others might not have seen that.

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OMFG! That has to be the most perverted, offensive and disgusting photo I’ve ever seen! My Lord woman, what were you thinking when you put that on Photo Bucket? You are the worst mother…wait, wrong photo, I clicked the wrong link. :::sheepish grin:::

Yeah, it’s just a little boy stirring ingredients. Someone at Photo Bucket must have a Morality Stick up their ass.

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Maybe they thought it was a little girl?
Please don’t take that the wrong way. =\

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@Allie lol, it’s okay, I get that a lot That’s the thing though, even if it were a little girl, why would it matter? He’s not even two and someone is sexualizing a photo of him. Grosses me out.

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there’ve been incidents, where some redneck retard at a WalMart Photo Center has called the police, because they got photos of tiny babies taking a bath.


who doesn’t have photos that mom or dad took of them in the bath as a baby? c’mon.

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Problems with a site being moderated… mmm… where have I heard of that?


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@casheroo Yeah, I don’t agree with the fact that it was removed. It’s hard to play devil’s advocate and justify the removal, but I’ll give it a go. They don’t exactly know who you are and what your intentions are. How can they even be sure it’s your child? Child porn? I don’t know.. This is getting difficult.
You should put it back up and see what happens. Muahaha.

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It’s possible that an automatic nipple-sensing filter mistagged your photo. I’ll bet they clear it up if you ask.

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@casheroo You are now the official “Worst Mom in the World”. Shame on you!~

omfg- Cash is adorable!

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That seems weird. But most sites and companies make policies to protect themselves and nobody else. Maybe it was some filter.

You have a beautiful child.

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I’m guessing it has nothing to do with the nakedness of the chef! I’m thinking it might be the Elmo in the background who looks like he is flipping someone off…

JK, of course!

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cute kid btw. his little face is adorable :)

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Child labor.

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This isn’t the first time Photobucket have done this, and they restored them. As far as I understand, photos containing a high proportion of skin tone are flagged and placed in a review queue.

If you upload the photo again and it’s taken down, contact them. Good luck.

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maybe they thought Cash was the Naked Chef.

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Or the Naked Cowboy.

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@richardhenry Interesting article. I did reupload it earlier, and it’s still there. Weird.

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@casheroo – I forgot to say how adorable your son is! What was the final product?

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I’ve had problems myself on another site of photos right after my son was born.

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photobucket deleted a bunch of my unoffensive pictures. random things too, like a little cartoon skeleton. your son is so freaking adorable!

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Perhaps check out Flickr?

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@tiffyandthewall Where was the cartoon skeleton from, exactly? Was it copyrighted?

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Haven’t you ever heard of cookie porn? ;-)

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I like the Chips Ahoy chocolate chunk ones. More chocolate is always better.

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i like a little chunk in my cookie as well.

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@eponymoushipster that sounds dirty :D

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@Clair indeed.

@Allie we know exactly what kind of cookies you enjoy. heh.

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@Allie yeah “yummy” freshly baked cookies.

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@eponymoushipster Freshly baked Allie.

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@richardhenry Made me laugh.

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