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I have a broken ear drum my husband beat me . i need to know what should i do has far has treating it should i sleep on it r try and sleep on the other side.

Asked by chinadoll (13points) May 19th, 2009

I’m scared I went to the er they said its completely broken in half. Theirs nothing they can do I kno I need to see a specialist but in the meantime I need to know how to treat it. Please help I’m so stuck.

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You need more help than fixing your ear. I’m sorry I have no help to give you for your hurting ear, but…

Get out. Get help. There are options, and you deserve better.

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Please, please, please use the website posted above, and call the police if your husband beat you. You should not be living in fear.

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Please get some help. Call the cops and get to an Emergency Shelter. There is someone in your area that can help you. He broke your eardrum this time…I shudder to think what he might do next time.

As for your ear drum, I don’t think you can do much but take some pain pills or Tylenol until you can see the ENT. Keep water out of it when you shower because it will cause you more pain if water gets in there. My daughter has terrible ear problems and currently has a hole in her ear drum. The doctor said the only thing they can do is patch it surgically.

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@Ownage Dude, go harvest a plant.

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You need to get help from the authorities. Go to a police station or a women’s shelter. Use the website, posted above, or call a similar service in your city.

Such behavior on his part is completely unacceptable.

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You need to go to the Emergency Room. Tell them what happened. They will hook you up with a battered womens shelter.

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I think you should go to a safe place. Preferably a women shelter like they say.

Has this happened before? I have had things like that happening in my family. My aunt had an abusive husband for years. who came for us shooting with a gun, when she stayed with us.

These things are seldom single events. You need to get away, and he needs psychiatric help. but that’s not your responsibility Otherwise it will happen again, to you, or to another woman.

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Why you removed my answer mods. I’m just keepin it real… The girl is obviously asking for help about her husband and not the eardrum. Why even post about the eardrum let alone answer about it?

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You may never hear properly out of that ear for the rest of your life. Make an appointment with a specialist ASAP.

Then get away from your husband. My father was an abusive alcoholic until my mother chose to divorce him. That’s the only thing that put him on the right path. Next time it may not be a broken ear drum, it could be far worse.

As a child I had firsthand experience in dealing with men like that. Your life is in severe danger if you stay.

In the meantime: Do not sleep on that side of your head. If you take a bath or shower, put a cotton ball in the ear – do not shove it in – just make sure it covers the opening of your ear, to prevent water from getting in.

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I did some research online.
This is what I found

- Take over the counter pain meds
– Put cotton balls in ear when showering
– Heat can help. Get a towel damp with Hot water and lay hurt side down on it till it cools then reheat. Alternatively you can use a heating pad.
– Do not clean your ears
– Avoid blowing your nose

What I can’t seem to find is which side you are supposed to sleep on. I’d be interested if anyone knows that information.

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In addition to all the excellent advice to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW, I know that whenever I’ve had a severe ear infection, it helps to lay down on the painful ear on a heat source. Something about keeping the fluid draining out of the ear rather than collecting in it.

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I’m hoping this is a joke since its someone with only 1 lurve and maybe someone just trying to get a kick and rise outta people. Otherwise I feel sad for her and I hope she or you really get yourself some help. You shouldn’t put yourself through that…I think once it’s at that point there isnt any worse you can go to except staying in the situation. Being lonely may hurt but I doubt it hurts as much as a broken ear drum or worse.

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If you’re husband is beating you to the point where you’re ear drum is being broken in half you need to get away from him like so many other fluterites have said. i witnessed domestic abuse when i was little because my mom’s third husband would beat her (even smashed her head with the car door once) its not a good environment especially when/if you have children. I hope you get away from him before he does even more damage or worse, you never know how far someone will go. I wish you luck and I hope you get your ear fixed.

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I volunteer in a woman’s shelter, weekly. I help women as they come in, needing a place to stay. Believe me when I say that this will not stop. I don’t care how many times he apologizes to you, if he can beat you bad enough to rupture your eardrum, you should leave now. What I don’t understand, unless you didn’t tell the ER the same thing, is why you are home now. OR are you home and he’s in jail? It is their duty to report any abuse crimes, even if they only suspect it, they need to report it.

You are the only one that can truly get yourself out of an abusive situation; however, once you get yourself out, there are lots of avenues of help, for you. Also, if you have children with this man, it is imperative for you to take action, NOW. Get them out, as well.

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@covedude As angry as the situation makes a lot of people, your answer isn’t helpful at all.

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@Ownage :: This isn’t a simple thing. Both are a problem. You are getting some bad advice here.

Ownage is dumb. Don’t listen to him. Get the ear looked at ASAP. And then look into a battered womans shelter. I have stayed in one, it isn’t bad. They will help you find one in the ER.

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I have been watching this for while. I still can’t decide whether it is a troll or real. I will always err on the side of support for RL people – you can’t afford not to, but online I wonder. How can a blow from a husband rupture an eardrum? Having had some peripheral experience of ruptured eardrums (I am a diver) I really wonder. It is not a common injury, very unusual in street violence etc. Most ERs see ruptured eardrums from a number of sources, few of them violent. If what is claimed is real then it is horrific and the woman concerned needs real support. Which leads me to my second area of doubt. I live in Australia, haven’t live in the US for quite some time, but here, an ER seeing a serious injury from domestic violence would involve Police immediately. They don’t wait for permission. How did the woman get to go home without seeing a social worker and being offered protection? The last point is – an eardrum can rupture, but it does not “break in half” – it tears. What medical professional would tell her that?

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@DarkScribe I was questioning about the ER staff, as well. I don’t know if this is real or not; however, in case it is and she is just picking terminology that is coming to mind, at the moment, then the advice stands. Seek further help. However, if this is a troll, it is a horrible premise to troll off of.

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For broken ear ( perforated ) drums there is no treatment so a specialist is not required . Thats all i am going to say on this thread as i feels its a fake , and because everyone else has gave enough information on battered peoples shelters .

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Okay first off I have already left my husband I’m 20 years old with 2 small children n I’m pregnant he has left took all his things haven’t seen him since. I changed locks
I already went to the E.R the police were called they are looking for him. He was born in mexico I guess there its ok to beat your wife. He plans to leave for mexico from a
Voicemail on my phone. I already have an appointment to see a specialist. I needed advice in the meantime thank you for those who gave it. Really. I tried to google some answers
N this was one site that popd up. And for all u people who think this is fake or me wanting advice about my husband your sadly mistaken. So please DON’T fucken comment my page
Has you will get no NO respect from me. N the least of his worries are the police.

Thank you ,
Denver colorado can’t wait to move back home.

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Communicate with a medical professional, there are free hotlines for nurses…

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First of all, I am sorry to hear of your situation. Like many, I have been in bad relationships, and I am glad to learn that he has left. I hope for the sake of you and your children that it really is for good.

Secondly, I am an Audiologist. Pain releif and keeping the ear dry are the most crucial immediate care components. Cotton balls are inadequate for keeping the ear dry. The waxy plugs for swimming are better. You can shape them yourself so they don’t go too deep into the ear canal, but to form a seal around the canal opening to block the water. Rubber flange-shaped swimmers plugs might not work well at this point because not everyone has the same shape or size of ear, and if you choose ones that are too small for you, they could go in too deep.

@sandystrachan is incorrect… there are treatments for broken eardrums, but the treatment depends on the extent and location of the rupture.

I have seen people whose eardrum burst from the pressure of a blow to the ear, as well as from pressure changes in car crashes from airbag deployment. They are not as common as accidents with cotton swabs (e.g. Q-Tips) or eardrums that rupture from fluid build-up and infection behind the eardrum.

However, the fact that it was air pressure rather than a foreign object or infection that caused the rupture can be an advantage, because there is less risk of you developing an infection. That is most likely why antibiotic drops were not prescribed.

I can’t guess what is meant when they say the drum broke in half… if it is a clean tear, it may well heal nicely on its own, and there could be minimal lasting impact on your hearing. On the other hand, if there is a hole the size of half the eardrum, surgery may be required to patch it. The extent of lasting hearing loss will depend on how well the perforation heals, how much scar tissue forms, and the location of the perforation/scarring.

Your age is a benefit, since younger people tend to heal better (assuming you have no other health concerns). Of course stress makes any problem worse and impacts how the body’s systems work in healing and fighting disease. So again, I hope that this relationship is truly over, and that you are able to find a safe, supportive environment in which to raise your children.

I wish you the best, and will glad answer any other questions you may have. Take Care.

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@chinadoll – Please understand that sometimes, people do “troll” with bad things like this. With little information and the abuse mentioned, it was quite possible that there was a troll at work and not a real situation. It happens. There is a lot of great information mixed in with some skepticism because we cannot see you or talk to you, right away. There is no need to get rude while explaining what happened. The way you worded your question, you threw in the abuse information and it really had nothing to do with the eardrum rupture. So yes, the concern was the abuse and then the eardrum. Don’t fault people for questioning a few things. You didn’t respond quickly, so it opened the door for questions.

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Please take these nice people’s advice and get some help immediately!

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@Fresh completely unnecessary.

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@Fresh That was so not cool.

Would someone please flag that answer?

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@loser I did, earlier…I see it was removed.

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@cak Thank you! The iPhone version doesn’t have that little option.

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@loser no problem! :)

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See a doctor for the ear issue and use your skillet on the husband!

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