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Is there an easy way to run Rosetta Stone on Ubuntu?

Asked by Les (9640points) May 20th, 2009

I’ve done a quick Google search on this, and have gotten a few ideas, but I was wondering if anyone here in the collective has any personal experience with this. I’m a relative new Ubuntu user, and am not quite sure about all of the tricks to the so called trade, so any tips or your advice would be great.

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Wine? But I doubt it would work smoothly.

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Thanks for the answer. That’s what I found on my quick Google search, but I wasn’t so clear on how it actually worked. I guess I’ll have to do some more research. Thanks again!

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In Synaptic, just search for Wine and install it. Ideally, you would run the CD with Wine, it would install, and everything would work perfectly. However, Wine can be troublesome.

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When you want to run an application with Wine, be sure to check their AppDB beforehand. Rosetta Stone appears to work well :).

Usually, however, I really prefer to run native alternatives as applications through Wine feel really messy (though I also find applications on Windows to feel messy).

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