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Can you do this problem?

Asked by JG117 (52points) May 20th, 2009

the problem is -1 + (-6) +32 +(-7)=?

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would it be cheating if I told u?

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Yes, I can.

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…i was doing similar problems in fourth grade- no more Miss Taylor, Thank you!

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if you remove the parentheses you substitute the plus and the minus with a single minus. That’s all you need and then simple arithmetic.

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As it happens, I can do that problem. Thanks for asking.

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Ummmmm Yea

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This really shouldn’t even be classified a problem. A hemorrhoid is problem. This is just a tiny pain in your ass. And I mean tiny.

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Count me in as one who can do the problem.

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Yes, and thanks for asking. Addition is commutative, remember?

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Indeed i can

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@brettvdb: Show-off. We don’t do homework here, remember?

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Yes, I can. And I suck at math. Woot!

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If you go to and type that in it should work. just replace ”?” with x or any letter. The best part is it will work with pretty much any math problem you can write out.

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I believe its 18

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@xkris133x: Show-off. We don’t do homework here and we read the earlier answers, remember?

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Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus is not the answer to every question.

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I can, indeed, do this problem. In my head. And I’m horrible at math and have dyscalculia. I can also do this problem using the basic calculator program that comes with Windows. I suspect I could also do it with dozens of easily googled calculator sites.

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@ccbatx: Show-off. We don’t do homework, remember, and besides, this has been answered twice before. ^^

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I couldn’t resist. 18 is my lucky number=)

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this place ain’t for doing homework…will u carry your laptop to the exam??

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Are you kidding? They tell me that 1+1=2 but when my wife and I (1+1) got together it ended up with 3. Whats the deal with math?

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Yup, I can do it. Been helping my kids with their homework often enough that all my math has returned from wherever it went.

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Yes I can, and unlike these other people, I’ll give you the CORRECT answer. The answer is: Cerulean Blue Sky Over an Azure Sea.

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-1 + (-6) +32 +(-7)
= – 1 – 6 + 32 – 7
= + 32 – 1 – 6 – 7
= + 32 – (1 + 6 + 7)
= + 32 – (14)
= + 32 -14
= + 18

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This isn’t Y!A

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Yes, but the number of virgins are supposed to be 72. This is way off. There is something wrong with the calculation.

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Why is this question back? I answered it once, and now it’s back in my question queue? Please. Fluther. Stop doing this to me. Before I hang myself.

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It equals love!

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@daloon now it’s back for me because you answered it! stop this question before it’s too late!
…and stop talkin suicidal, it’s nawty.

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@daloon Yes. Stop posting comments here, naughty man!

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I have doing this for 6 years now. It is 18.

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<——[cinching knot around his neck, imagining a heaven with no stupid questions—at least, no stupid questions that come back to haunt you. For some reason, elevator muzak is playing. Wishing he had an ice pick.]

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