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What is your background?

Asked by spresto (903points) May 21st, 2009

What are your credentials? What makes your opinion on fluther valuable to people? What context?

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Well, there’s many things that I think I’m knowledgeable at. It depends on what it is, of course, but I’ve lived long enough to have experienced a lot of things & I’ve dealt with a lot of situations. If I don’t have solid knowledge or a good opinion on something, I keep quiet.

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Philosophy, Natural Science, Marketing and Social Media, Photography, ‘Indie’ Music

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I like to think I’m Fluther’s resident meteorologist.

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I hope others value my opinion. I have been married for 17 years and we are raising 2 teenage boys and a five year old girl. Our children do well in school and are respected by other students and the faculty at their school. I think that our children are a reflection of my husband and I.

I have also lived in many cities throughout the U.S. and have traveled to many places in this country.

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My opinion is >not< more valuable, I simply like to throw in my own outlook at times =) I’m young, I was home schooled (until high school), oldest of 6 girls, a musician (I play guitar), write my own songs and sing, I’ve flown a plane and climbed a mountain. Idk I think that EVERYONE can bring something to the table just because not one person is alike :D

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I have many opinions and I am good at doing research to find factual answers. Also, I am older than mud and have either seen it or done it.

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Mac tech support
Atheist versed in Religious Studies
World traveler
Music nut
Movie fan
Bubble popper

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You’re a bubble popper too!? That’s so awesome!!!! xD

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@Darwin plus you popularized evolution, which is pretty badass

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I know the word “pique,” as in:

Dude, I don’t know about credentials, I’m just a person; people ask questions and if those questions pique my interest, I throw an answer out there for the asker to consider or not.

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Im nobody, just the fly on the wall….

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I’ve got your credentials right here, pal!

No, wait, my college diploma is at home. Nevermind.

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I have a BA in biology, a Masters in Public Health with a concentraion in International Public Health, a certification in Public Health, I have EMT training and Early Childhood/K-2 Physical Activity and Nutrition training, I am a trained cancer educator by the American Cancer Society and I am a trained peer educator with over 6 years experience in LGBT issues

I have a lot of research experience, cancer and community and evolutionary biology, I have a lot of experience with dancing, tango, especially, with Bikram Yoga and incidentally with the Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre where I usher on and off…I have minors in Anthropology and Russian Literature and am good at program evaluation and management

there’s more, but I have to eat now

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BA Honours in Sceptisism

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Our opinions are valuable only if people take them as such.

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45 years in the School Of Hard knocks with life long continuing education. TV Producer. It comes down to throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Construction, Chef, Skateboarding, Street Smarts, Pharmaceuticals, Criminal Activities,

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Cuz I said so!

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I got kicked out of kindergarten for breaking windows (I just wanted to see if the pebbles would bounce off the windows). They threw me out of third grade because I was too radical. After that, I was home schooled by wolves in the artic tundra.

Later on, I served time in a brothel. I was the iron boy. As in ironing; get your minds out of the gutter. And no, I didn’t get any freebies. They gelded me.

Later on, after my ball reinsertion (not something I recommend, as it is somewhat painful), I signed on to a pirate ship off of Sumatra. By that time, I spoke some seventeen languages; 18 if you count wolf.

Once I was given an IQ test, but I flunked. I think it was because I was answering the questions upside down. I mean, no one gets a zero, right?

Finally, I found a school that would take me in. Funny thing, though. This school had a big old wooden door, and if you rapped on the thing lightly, no one could hear you, so you had to hit it really hard. They called it “The School of Hard Knox,” because of the gold bullion stored in the basement. And no, I didn’t get any free samples.

Once I tried for a Ph.D. in whistling, but the school, once again,refused to take me in. I think it was my tattoos, although they said I didn’t do well enough on the tests. I thought I did fine on the GED. I even got one question right!

So there you have it. My opinion is basically worthless. I have no education. I’ve never held a legal job. And my experience is all generally considered immoral. It’s no wonder everybody lurves me!

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I need credentials? Fine, here I go. One doesn’t live nearly half a century without picking up at least some knowledge worth sharing. I am one of the people your parents warned you about, one of those people his peers never imagined would amount to anything, and one of those people that is by far more than what you see on the outside. I never graduated high school and never went to college, but I am not ashamed of my education, because everything I learned, I learned because I wanted to know about it. My curiosity knows no bounds. if going to college makes you smart, then going to the garage makes you a car.

I’ve held 25 jobs in 30 years, and the ones I liked the best paid the least. I’ve had bosses I respected and liked, bosses I respected and hated, and bosses I grew to loathe like most people loathe mold and mildew on their tub and tile.

I’ve been married to the sweetest 5’2” woman on the planet for twenty years, I have met some of the most unusual people you could imagine, and some of the greatest people I have ever known have died and left me wondering they ‘WHY’ of it all.

If that isn’t enough credentials for you, I sugggest you call my deity Evelyn and ask her to tell you about me and my possible credentials. She knows me like no one else.

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