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Have you ever stuck to it in the face of repeated rejection?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) May 22nd, 2009

Sending manuscript after manuscript to publishers for rejection. Auditioning for part after part, and being told, “thank you. We’ll call you if we need you.” Digging for gigs in dives and places where you have to pay to play, and doing this for years?

What were you doing? Why did you do it? How did you react to rejection? Did you laugh at it? Were you shocked by it? Did it get you down? Did you overcome it eventually and get what you wanted? What kept you going?

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Yes! soo many times I had gigs playing my guitar EVERYWHERE and nobody was interested. I could never get anybody to like my music until I started singing it was weird. check it: now people buy my cd’s all the time :)

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Auditioning for part after part is my gig. After a while directors learn that while I might not be exactly what they had in mind for the part, I do give 110% and I make a point of being “on time, off book and in place.” Sometimes having the perfect person for the part means having to deal with a perfectly terrible ego so many directors have learned to take me instead. Besides I can also do set design, costuming and special effects, so they get two for the price of one.

What were you doing? Auditioning at first for plays and then for independent film.

Why did you do it? At first because my daughter wanted to be an actress, and then because I discovered that I love being other people.

How did you react to rejection? Did you laugh at it? Were you shocked by it? Did it get you down? Did you overcome it eventually and get what you wanted? I was disappointed but I made jokes about it. I wasn’t shocked but I wasn’t thrilled. And yes, eventually I got that first part. Oddly enough it was in a musical and I had never sung on stage before.

What kept you going? The thought that there is another audition coming up, and the joy of creating an alternate world while working in a team.

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Daily. To some extent we all do in our.

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According to Woody Allen, keeping right on going in the face of repeated rejection is called Jewish sex.

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There was this girl I liked, and she liked me back, but for a series of practical reasons it never happened. We kept on agreeing on a date, and she’d stand me up, and then I’d reject her next time she asked me out, and so on. It was mainly me rejecting her, but in reality it worked both ways, because she didn’t bother coming to the dates, or was too late. This happened 7 times, including a time when she came to my place and cried begging me to give her another chance (but of course she did it on the wrong day). I still can’t believe the whole trying-to-go-out process lasted that long (several months) and we somehow never managed to have one proper date in that time.

In the end I just gave up and found someone else.

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i used to audition for things in middle school and high school like plays and the like. i usually got a pretty good part and then the one year i had my heart set on a part (phantom of the opera, christine) i lost to a girl solely because she was a brunette and shorter than me. it was very frustrating, but it turned around and i ended up directing the entire thing which i feel was just as rewarding.

rejection on another level is a different story. i live with the man i’m in love with and he has rejected me several times in fact…possibly at least 6 times. but i love him still and i continue to face his rejection. i just cope with it better now. i have no idea if i answered your question or not…

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Sending out manuscripts. I identify with that one, @daloon.

Why do I keep on doing it? I don’t know. Hope, I guess. Pigheadedness. I don’t take in others’ opinions of me and make them my own. I believe in my work. Others before me have had to persist in spite of discouragement; the world is full of those who didn’t, and we’ll never know what they might have had to offer.

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I did until the restraining order was issued.

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