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How do i get my roomate to do dishes?

Asked by FreddieMack (94points) May 25th, 2009

How do I get my roomate to do dishes? I live in his house but he never does the dishes. What is some good advice?

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Do you do dishes? How are your chores split up? Is it just you two? Do you have separate dishes?

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Beat some sense into him

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Positive reinforcement.

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@hug_of_war yes I do do the dishes. I do mine and his all the time. His just pile up. My problem is that I am living in his house and i would feel out of place if I told him to do the dishes.

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Tell him its not fair you should do all his dishes. This is something that can be talked out. Explain that it’s not a personal thing, it’s a hygiene thing. A kitchen full of dirty dishes is gross and expecting you to do it every time is disrespectful .

If he digs in his heels and steadfastly refuses, you can always go out to a thrift store and buy one of every dish you need and keep it in your space. Then when you do your dishes, you’re only doing you own dishes. It’s an extreme measure and that should only be done after every other attempt has failed.

Or you could move.

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I think you should just wash your own dishes and leave his in the sink. When they pile up, he’ll get your point and he won’t say, “hey man why didn’t you wash my dishes?”. If he does, then he brought it up so you can feel more comfortable telling him how you feel.

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Just do what you do. My house is the same shit. I do all my own dishes as I wash them. My roommates do not do theirs. I could care less, it’s their dishes. When they want to eat that sucks for them. You do not have to do their shit for them, just work around it. You are a dude and most likely in college so who gives a rats ass.

I do not clean much, I just clean as shit gets dirty. I finally decided to clean my crib, and I just threw all the dirty shit they left for me in the trash (everyone but me left for the summer).

I refuse to do other people’s work. I do all of mine and that is all that matters to me.

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Keep one place setting of dishes and utensils you use over and over again, washing up each time you use them, maybe even storing them in your room between meals.

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I would just clean up after myself and ignore the other mess.

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He has a choice, he either does his fair share of dishes, or he pays you money and you do them. Either way, having a clean kitchen is beneficial for everyone because bugs and pests won’t be attracted in.

Another approach is to simply not clean his dishes, clean only your own and lock up your things in your room or else he’ll use them when his dishes are all dirty.

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I have a roommate who lives in my house, he thinks just because I own the house I should be his maid too. I really have just found it is easier to just do the dishes, pop on some music and just go at it, it has actually become a task that relaxes me, but I still want to kick him in the balls for being lazy, I just don’t want to fight over it cause there’s no talking sense into him.

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