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How do I recover data from my flash drive?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) May 27th, 2009

I accidentally bent the bit that goes into the computer and now it doesn’t show up

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Is there no way to bend it back? A small screwdriver maybe?

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Oh I feel your pain. I did that once. Here’s how I fixed it:
First make sure it is the stick, not the pc, by inserting another one in. I will assume the problem is the USB memory stick.
I opened the plastic case by gently prying around the edge with a paring knife and snapping it open.
Using a magnifying glass, I looked at the leads going to the cirucit board. I could see two were broken.
I bought a pair of +3 diopter reading glasses so I could work close up and be hands free.
I used a precision soldering iron to carefully puddle over and reconnect the broken land. (The soldering iron was less than $20 at radio shack. Tell them what you are doing. )
The stick worked fine and I was able to save my data to my PC. Whew!
(I stopped using it and bought another anyway. Why push my luck?)

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The PC finally reconsider it just long enough to copy the files off, I’m buying a new flash drive soon.

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That is great news. I was thinking about you. Congratulations!

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