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Do you think this site should have a separate section for polls?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 28th, 2009

Because I believe the general consensus is that polls are not allowed. Neither are friendly questions about other users or something (obviously flame questions shouldn’t be allowed anyway) but I just answered two questions that I was interested in seeing further answers in and they were canned. I noticed one of them was answered by long-time members of this site and yet the question still gets removed.

If we so badly don’t want those kinds of questions on the main page, couldn’t there be another section to the site for polls and the like?

I’m just sick of seeing questions I like get removed. Sorry I don’t want to perpetually answer people’s questions that Wikipedia would answer better.

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I was told in chatroom a few months back that a lot of changes were going to made to bring the site in line with it’s original intent of being a non social q&a site and social questions would get pushed off to a different part of the site so maybe it’s underway now?

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Yes I do I have alot of questions

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Sounds like a good idea; I sure hope they decide to implement it. I also hope they make the avatars a little bigger…

I have so many pictures that look okay shrunken down, but not this shrunken down. They’re so small that in a couple of the pictures I have my face gets distorted or almost impossible to see. I just think a little bit bigger would be better.

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I think there are some plans underway to address this issue. Keep watching!

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@Auggie- I hope so. I miss the “old” fluther.

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What was the “old” Fluther?

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@Dansedescygnes Apparently ‘twas the fluther before all us new kids showed up and spoiled the party :[

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No. I hate polls. They provide nothing but a quick opinion, which I really never care about. What I value more is people’s reasoning behind a choice, of which the current style of communication facilitates.

But I do like the idea of social questions being put elsewhere in a subFluther or something.

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Yeah, it sure isn’t what it was anymore…..sigh. It’s not the new kids tho, feels more like getting corp-compliant :/

I guess I came in just right at the end of the part :(

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I see no reason whatsoever to isolate the Polish jellies on this site.

Who’s next, the Czechs?

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@Blondesjon -> The new astrochuck LOL

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Is this question a poll?

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@TaoSan…There is only one AstroChuck.

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@Grisaille Nah… I don’t think it has anything to do with new members. Just stricter moderating, trying to get back to Fluther’s original purpose (Q & A). It wasn’t originally meant to be a social site, it just kind of organically became one (not that I mind that a bit!). I think we’ll see a more social part of Fluther sometime soon. :)

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Well, it’s kind of inevitable when you have a bunch of people socializing on an internet site…

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@augustlan- I certainly hope so. It was the hybrid Q&A/Social Networking aspect of Fluther that attracted me in the first place.

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Suppose that when questions of a social/polling nature were modded, the mod gave you a choice of either changing your question or moving it to a linked secondary page? Only if it qualified, of course; questions do get modded for other reasons. If someone is following it, they could still follow it, but it would be off the main page. Would that be a solution?

I suppose it might also make sense to be able to post directly to that secondary page if you knew you were asking that type of question.

I didn’t much care for the idea when I read your question, @Dansedescygne. But after seeing your reasoning and reading other comments, I think maybe it does have merit and is worth exploring.

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I think that idea of choosing whether to change it or move it to the secondary page is a good idea and being able to post directly to the secondary page. I don’t see what harm it could do; no one is forced to go to the secondary page if they don’t want to.

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I love Fluther for the social questions. That is the reason I stayed. I would hate to see it become another typical Q&A site like Yahoo Answers. Boring and being done already. Not that having both wouldn’t be great. As long as there is still room for social questions, not polls, but worldy questions or creative questions etc.. (like do you think having a pet is important for childhood, how has alternative medicine benefited society, etc…) then I’ll be happy. Just some feedback, not a complaint at all.

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I don’t think anyone’s really opposed to that type of question, though.

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@Dansedescygnes I thought that’s what social questions were, my bad if I misinterpreted

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i’m kind of confused about what is considered a poll question, because most of the questions that would normally be considered ‘poll’ are turned into ‘discussions’. just because it’s a yes or no doesn’t mean it should be disregarded as a poll, because most of those questions involve a lot of explanation and whatnot.
but what the fluther gods do is up to the fluther gods, and i’m sure i can deal one way or another.

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