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Cortisone shot,azithromycin tablets,and methylprednisolone tablets: what will they do?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) May 29th, 2009

I went to the doctor for a nasty cold and chest congestion. Theses are the drugs they gave me(I was only expecting a shot). How will each of these three drugs work in my body? What do they do?

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You must have a very bad infection. From experience, the prednisolone will mess you up, but it will work to get rid of the infection. Take it early in the day, or you won’t be able to sleep. You may feel unexpectedly upbeat and positive, and want to clean or change things. However, when you stop taking it, usually 7 days or so? You will feel the exact opposite.

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Keep your liver busy.

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Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic commonly used to treat chest infections (but also chlamydia). It will kill the bacteria that are causing the infection. Do not stop taking this until you have completed the whole course of treatment.

Methylprednisolone is a steroid. It works by reducing inflamtion, in this case probably to reduce bronchial inflammation which will help to open up your airways and make it easier to breath.

Cortisone is also a steriod and therefore is being given for the same reason as methylprednisolone, to reduce bronchial inflammation. You are being given it as a shot so you can fast relief from the symptoms while the oral tablets begin to work.

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I would advise you to be very cautious with that medication and keep in contact with your physician. I was too embarrassed to call my doctor when I had an adverse reaction to similar medications, and I paid very heavily for it.

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I am never happy-go-lucky on a steroid…my family hates when I am on a steroid. I’m grumpy and mean!

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Holy crap, all that for some chest congestion? Zithromax is an antibiotic, which I can understand but the other two are steroids which I feel are completely unnecessary. Did you have other problems, too? Asthma or emphysema or something? Chronic bronchitis?

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There must have been some other problems, like some serious inflammation, for him to give you the Cortisone and Prednisone. What were your complaints?

I work for an ENT group, and they do prescribe steroids for short courses, so you may not have the side effects that many people have when they are on steroids for prolonged periods of time. But do be sure to follow the dosing instructions precisely.

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I get nasty bronchitis every year. It almost always results in using an inhaler, getting a nebulizer treatment in the office, and a course of steroids. I hate that. :(

Feel better soon!

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In this article I tried to explain how does zithromax work. hope, it’ll help you.

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