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Would you mind bragging about Ojai, Ca for a few moments?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) June 2nd, 2009

New to town and would like to know about best restaurants (including Santa Barbara area), things for kids to do….

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I just love the weather. Great for golf, and the Indian Casino in Santa Yenez is pretty fun.

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Valley of the moon

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I wouldn’t mind it if I could think of one positive thing to say. Umm…there are bathrooms there for when you gotta go and you are on your way to someplace else.

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Boccali’s! They have the best pizza, garlic bread, strawberry shortcake and tomato salad, just amazing! Lake Casitas is a beautiful place and a great fishing spot, they also have a fabulous water park for families. The Ranch House is a higher end restaurant with good food and a great ambiance. Ojai has some beautiful parks, mountains and hiking trails. It is close to the beach and if you are up for a day trip it is close to Solvang.

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LOVE Solvang!

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Yes, Solvang is neat. It’s the cheapest trip to Scandinavia I have ever seen.

Watch for the “Pink Moment” on the bluffs to the east of town in Ojai.

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I really enjoyed living in Ojai a few years ago. Especially if you’re into spiritual stuff, definitely check out the Ojai Foundation.

For food, I didn’t really go to restaurants, but I loved Farmer & the Cook, Rainbow Bridge, and the farmer’s market. Enjoy!

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The Ojai Cafe is about the best you can find for breakfast and lunch. I haven’t eaten at any dinner restaruant I didn’t like. Stay away from Bonnie Lu Country, the cooks are terrible. The Rainbow Bridge Market and Deli is a real delight.

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