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What are some good, CURRENT, upbeat songs?

Asked by gelifly (11points) June 2nd, 2009

It’s for a presentation. I want people to feel good when they walk in the room and hear the song.

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For what generation? There will be a huge difference in what a Baby-Boomer finds uplifting and what a teenager would like.

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FEVER DREAM!!! by Iron & Wine

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My favorite new band. Here you go.

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The Weepies – Painting by Chagall

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The perfect song is Big Jumps by Emiliana Torrini.

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The Beatles….wait you said CURRENT, right? wrong?

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the killers, lady gaga (i don’t listen to her music though)

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I like this song- it’s upbeat, but more like a good driving song as opposed to, say, a workout song.

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Vampire Weekend- A Punk
Arctic Monkeys- Brianstorm
Bloc Party- Helicopter
White Rabbits- Percussion Gun
Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out
The Fratellis- Flathead
LCD Soundsystem- Disco Infiltrator
Paul Simon- Kodachrome
Ra Ra Riot- Each Year
Radiohead- Electioneering
Ratatat- Seventeen Years
Justice- Phantom
Spoon- You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
The Strokes- Automatic Stop
Talking Heads- Burning Down The House
The Who- I Can’t Explain

To name a few.

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