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What country in central europe did the worst and best after the fall of communism?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) June 3rd, 2009

economically speaking that is

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<sniff sniff> whats that smell?

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lol good call, I am actually writing a research paper for my poli sci class on this subject. And I was just curious what other people thought was the worst performing country. I already have a couple in mind, but wanted to see what other people said. And by answering you really wouldn’t be completing my homework for me unless you also looked up multiple sources, did some research for me, and then wrote 12 pages :P so please, what are your opinions.

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I wrote a research paper on the economic revival of Estonia a couple of years ago. I know they did really well after the fall of communism. It was one of the first countries to start Membership negotiations with the EU, in 1995 iirc.
(I have no problem helping out a fellow student..I know the feeling :p)

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1) East Germany
2) Hungary
3) Poland
4) Czech Republic


1) Belarus
2) Ukraine
3) Bulgaria
4) Romania

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Thanks guys I appreciate the answers, I ended up going with poland cause it seems to have more and easier to find papers and journals written about it.

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