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Are couples on fluther together?

Asked by swtsally (131points) June 4th, 2009

just wanted to know if couples were on here and if yall enjoy fluthering together

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Well, I would say so, especially since we even had a marriage proposal (and acceptance) on Fluther.

And then there are the two blonds/blondes and presumably others.

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No, it’s embarrassing.

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@MrGeneVan Why embarrassing? If you are in a relationship shouldnt you be able to talk to them like you would on here?

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i know it produced/is producing a few…

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Yes—my wife actually got me onto fluther in the first place. (She worked with Andrew when he was in grad school)

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@Sariperana When I say embarrassing I don’t mean I am embarrassed with my questions and answers.

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My SO introduced me to the site, got me addicted, and promptly stopped using the site.
The injustice!!!!

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@MrGeneVan so you’re saying you would be embarrassed if your girlfriend was on fluther??? well that’s not very nice to her now is it.

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@eponymoushipster is producing?! whoooo?

I’ve told my husband to join, he reads with me sometimes…I imagine his personality on here would be most similar to Astrochucks, and I’m not sure how widely received that’d be. (no offense Astro)

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My boy was really into Fluther, introduced me, then stopped using it within like a week. (or what @noelasun said.)

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@casheroo i’ll tell you about it sometime….

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Marriage proposal? I missed that. Who what where when why and how?

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This question has been asked a couple hundred times :P

@Sueanne_Tremendous here :)

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Ah! @uberbatman, You beat me to it!

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too slowwww :P

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@uberbatman no that thread is about marriage proposals…i was asking if couples were on here.

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@swtsally – If you actually read that thread you will see that it is one member of a couple on Fluther proposing marriage to the other member of the couple who is also on Fluther. Thus it serves as proof that there are couples on Fluther.

It isn’t exactly about marriage proposals in general, although it sort of sounds that way in order to keep from being modded.

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My boyfriend has an account on here, but he’s only been here once or twice. We both met and migrated from, but he wasn’t really into it here.

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My partner is on fluther but very very rarely
He follows along though
I send him some interesting questions once in a while
we met on and migrated here

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My husband Blondesjon and I enjoy fluthering together. He joined shortly after I did and we have both become addicted. We have made some wonderful friends here and fluther gives us many interesting topics to discuss with each other.

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@jonsblond “fluther gives us many interesting topics to discuss with each other.”
Totally. We haven’t run out of things to talk about yet… there’s always some interesting Fluther question or topic to bring up. Also, Fluther helped both of us see a relationship issue in a different light and come to a happy decision. So hooray for you guys. :)

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@noelasun: Exact same story here! My SO was really excited about it.He mentioned it to me several times, and then a month or two after I got totally addicted he pretty much stopped coming here.

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I have to give many thanx to a great sales person at Apple. She was showing me some App’s that she thought I might be interested in, Fluther was the first one I downloaded. I thought it was awesome and told my then boyfriend. And as many of you have said, the rest is history. Well, except for his 7mo hiatus. But we’re back now and loving every minute of it…
Thanks BenDrew!

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