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Why do people get in other people's business where they don't belong?

Asked by lindy_summerford (5points) June 4th, 2009
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Depends on the person.

Thinking they can help, a desire to be “in the loop”, thinking their opinion is of such high value that everyone simply MUST know what it is (i know a few like that, so annoying to be around) And plain old being nosy/a busy-body to name a few reasons.

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They want to talk about themselves
and how they have dealt with whatever
Example “oh what a cute baby – is he eating cereal yet? he should, you know or you might be starving him…I remember my children, blah blah blah”

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Because human beings want to be part of a group, and sticking their noses into other people’s business lets them feel as if they are.

Also, gossip and giving advice makes you feel better about yourself.

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@Resonantscythe I think you’ve nailed it on the head. Far too many people want and need to be in the loop and feel that their experiences, regardless of the situation, can lend a hand for what’s going on.

Some people just have the need to be “the go to person” that they have to inject themselves into the entire situation.
I have learned that regardless of the situation, I will keep my opinions to myself, even when asked. I have enough in my life to deal with to worry about anyone who’s not living under my roof!

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Narcissism. “How can the world possibly revolve without my input?”

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Different reasons, each case being unique. Most people think they can help is all.

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What do you define as other people’s business? Many people think things are their business when in actuality their actions effect many others.

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Mostly what happens is a person has a grievance and they turn to the people close to them for a soundboard but not really advice, opinion or aid unless it’s cash when they should just out and say in the first place, “I’d like to vent and I’d like to do it with someone who cares.”

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You hit the nail on the head.

A good example here is animal abuse- many people think it’s no business of others what they do to “their” animal. They are wrong.

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They probably don’t know that they are butting in so they try to state their opinion.

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Some people are overzealous. They might mean well, but too much meddling is counterproductive.

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@judi lurve

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Lindy, can you provide any details about the situation you’re thinking about?

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People are nosy and love telling others what to do. A firm tone behind strong words (after using soft words first) stops most of this.

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Pay no attention to that noise you hear. Daloon is practicing his firm tones!

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