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How can I fix my mom's Mac?

Asked by andrew (16456points) December 26th, 2007 from iPhone

My poor mother… Her hard drive melted down on her MacBook and the apple store replaced it, backing up her /Users /Applications and /Library on an external HD. I’ve restored those folders (backing up the new ones and using sudo cp -r since I’ve lost the I’d disk and couldn’t get the system copied over to boot off the external). Everything was going well until I replaced the /Library folder… Now she can’t run software update and trying to install iTunes 7 gives her an error.

Any thoughts? Permissions, maybe?

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I would try an Archive and Install if you have a Mac OS disc laying around. That should replace and important files you may have mucked up in the Library folder.

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That’s what got me into this whole mess… I’ve lost the OS disc. :(

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Its very unlikely that you’ll be able to resolve this without a reinstall. I’d get a new OS installer disk.

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Ug. Where do I do that? Call AppleCare?

chaosrob's avatar or any Apple retail store.

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Maybe this will work. I don’t know one thing about it, though.

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Turns out it was the permissions on the /Library folder I copied. After I replaced it with the (original) backup, the computer started working again! Phew!

Nothing more scary than dictacting “Now type s-u-d-o-space-m-v…” over the phone…

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why dont you take it back to the apple store??

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