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Who should I write my Annotated Bibliography on?

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1645points) June 6th, 2009

I am supposed to be focusing on the author and his/her works . . .background information on the author and what works he/she created, their similarities/differences, and the individual’s contributions to literature, along with a brief post from the critics, if available. Choose an author of fiction or poetry, a literary work, or a specific theme in contemporary literature to research. NOTE: The instructor WILL NOT approve non-contemporary literature (pre-20th-century literature) or non-literary literature (Dean Koontz or self-help, for example).

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Is this for your end-of-course paper? Did you learn anything during the year?

So, focus, research, read and write. Good luck.

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It is that last course paper I have to write. Mainly in class we just went over different literature pieces, but I think mainly we have an open choice of who we choose, other than the what I posted above about the criteria.

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Your instructor must think you have gained enough knowledge from the class to be able to make a choice without consulting an answer site. But here’s a suggestion: Tobias Wolff.

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I love Tobias Wolff. Bullet in the Brain is one of my favorite stories ever.

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Avoid authors you know your instructor is passionate about, unless you are confident in your ability to deliver an outstanding paper. If I had such an assignment, I would select Kurt Vonnegut a very colorful character and excellent author with a rather large catalog of work. Good luck to you…wtf

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What authors interest you? You will be more interested, and thus do a better job, if you pick an author you are genuinely interested in, instead of just one that Fluther recommended.

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If I were writing this paper, I would choose Dave Eggers. Great contemporary fiction as well as non-fiction. Sublime writer, non-pretentious. He founded McSweeney’s, and he started a creative writing program for inner-city kids called 826, which now has expanded to many major U.S. cities.

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Off the top of my head, F. Scott Fitzgerald. That could very well change if I thought about it for a while. It’s really a matter of personal taste and who/what interests you.

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Just throwing some out there…

Ray Bradbury
Toni Morrison
Salman Rushdie
Umberto Eco
Kurt Vonnegut
Evelyn Waugh

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@aprilsimnel…Well, that’s quite a distinguished list. GA lurve for Vonnegut and Bradbury two of my favorites. See ya…wtf

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I’d go with Vonnegut or Bradbury as well. Favorites of mine, plus a GREAT excuse to get Playboy in your paper (if you go with Bradbury anway). Yes, people did read it for the articles. Bradbury would also be an excuse to get The Twilight Zone in, which would be fun for me.

I have a very strong opinion on the no “non-literary” rule, mostly devoted to questioning who determines something as literary or not.

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@EmpressPixie. at a recent writers’ club meeting, people asked the speaker (a best-selling novelist) exactly what ‘literary’ fiction is and who decides. She said that definitions vary (= nobody actually knows) and that writers tend to classify themselves.

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How much annotation is required? If you do someone with only one book, it’ll be less that someone with a large oeuvre.

Nothing impresses more than someone very difficult, like Thomas Pynchon or James Joyce.

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Douglas Coupland – Generation X

A brilliant and insightful text, have a google!

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