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No Wifi detection on my iPhone?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) June 8th, 2009

Can anyone tell me why my iPhone doesn’t detect my home Wifi anymore? I use Airport Express and extreme. It stopped detecting about a month ago after an Airport update. It’s very strange. It can detect other Wifi’s when away from home(the bars show up) but it doesn’t seem to work as far as allowing me to download large information. In the meantime, I can’t use my iPhone anymore as a remote, as VNC, to upload files, all the things I used to do with my phone I can’t anymore.
Does this sound familiar to anyone here?

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Try rebooting.

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I did rebooting. Made no difference. Anymore suggestions?

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Nope, that’s all I got.

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It could be simply because the Airport update changed the channel it broadcasted the wifi on, or maybe it changed the way it used the wifi in a way that the iPhone can’t detect.

Your best best is to switch to linksys or downgrade Airport.

Another thing you could do is see if any other devices you have (laptops, pda’s, blackberries etc) with wifi capabilities are able to connect to the Airport, if they can then perhaps it’s somehow also due to a problem in your iPhone’s firmware in which a restore may be needed.

But it could all just be a….....glitch in the Matrix :)

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