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Would upgrading the hard drive in a new 13" Macbook Pro void the warranty?

Asked by benseven (3179points) June 9th, 2009

So Apple have released a gorgeous update to the 13” Aluminium unibody Macbook, upgrading it to a ‘Pro’ and bringing back Firewire (hurray!) and adding an SD card slot, amongst other things.

My question is – these things have a built-in battery. The white Macbooks have user replaceable RAM and HD because these can be easily accessed from the space for the removable battery. Will removing the bottom of the case (which looks straightforward if it’s the same deal as the 17” shown on iFixit) void the warranty? Or can a user like me fit their existing HD as soon as I get it?

Which actually, we be around Christmas due to a certain impending wedding sucking up all the geek funds :(

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most likely, i replaced the RAM in my macbook pro last year and as i double checked, i found that would void any warranty.

but my mbp is 2 1/2 years old so i had no more warranty to worry about.

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Your warranty won’t be voided if the replacement itself causes no damage. I’ve upgraded hard drives and RAM and was never refused warranty service. However, if your machine becomes damaged as a result of you replacing the hard drive, your warranty will be voided. Also, the new drive wouldn’t be covered under your existing warranty.

See the discussion here.

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I am quite confident that this will not void the warranty. The manual for the Macbook Pro released early even explains how yo change the battery and that model has the same built in battery.

I am sure this is the same for the 13 inch model released yesterday.

BTW this is also true for memory upgrades see page 49 of

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@ariaen – Great work there. Thankyou.

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a built-in battery? Oh, great. If it’s the same quality as the Apple MacBook batteries of the last couple of years, that will be just spiffy. Oh, joy.

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@crisw – it’s reportedly significantly better. Otherwise what would be the point of changing the design of the machine to fit it?

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Yes will void ur warranty unless you bought MBP with SSD in apple store not on ur own(this is modify)

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