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What qualifies as a stupid question to be kept from the fluther?

Asked by Clair (3812points) June 10th, 2009

i asked a perfectly good question that i’ve wondered for a long time but apparently it wasn’t good enough. why? also, what qualifies as a stupid answer to be removed? (besides personal attacks)

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jk! i just realized there was an ‘edit your question’ area. soo, it may be all fixed now. it better, askin a question around here is like bathing a cat.

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Check your inbox – when questions get sent back for editing, you are informed as to why via e-mail.

Ah, after checking your account, I see that your e-mail is unverified. Take a moment to do that and you’ll be kept “in the loop”. If you have any questions or problems with verifying your account, please click on the “contact” button on the upper right hand of the page and the appropriate party will investigate.

Of course, the ultimate resouce for what kind of questions are appropriate can be found in the guidelines

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This one?

Have you tried the “Comments for you” on the upper right?

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my email is correct and everything and no matter how many times i resend it, it’s not there. nor in spam.

sandystrachan's avatar this is a stupid question on fluther , as i am sure most of mine are stupid in some sense

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Perhaps you should remove “grammar” from your “areas of expertise”?

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Is ” lol ” a field of expertise ? are you one of those who ” lol ” at everything ?

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hahahah! although i don’t always use my expertise. and i say lol at everything. it’s just quick and i laugh a lot.

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