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How does the USB connection on an MP3 player work?

Asked by panspermia (308points) June 10th, 2009

My mp3 player cant be or isnt recognized by my computer….What can i do ???

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do you need to download some sort of program?

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Is the USB port working with other stuff? Try a different port just in case.

Was it working before and just stopped, or is this a new MP3?

It it is new, there is usually a disc in the box with the drivers on it, run that. But if you have a mac with a slot on the side for cd & Dvd DO NOT push a mini dvd into it! That is a serious mistake.

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Without knowing what MP3 player, what type of computer and what version of OS you are running this is an impossible question to answer with anything remotely useful.

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Do you have Vista? Because I just figured out that one of my older mp3 players doesn’t work with Vista.

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Seems like nothing works with vista basic. It won’t even play a DVD, I had to help someone down a DVD player recently. It supposedly will burn a DVD but won’t play one.

So far I have never had any brand of MP3 that wasn’t recognized by my Mac, for music anyhow. I think it is the Sony players that won’t use an MP4 movie file, will only use an smv or something like that.

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My mp3 player is Minton and i have a laptop and i am using Windows XP….and the mp3 player’s usb connection is into it..i have a setup program and installed it but it did search for the devices to connected to system but it didnt work out exactly !! and i did try a different port but i think mp3 players usb device is broken or something!!! I dont know if i use a usb cable will it work it out…....

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If it is new, I would take it back and ask for a new one. If it happens again, then maybe you are doing something wrong. Let them test it when you take it back, see if they can get it to work. Or try it on a friend’s computer, see how that works. Good luck.

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It is not new and i already tried it on my friends pc =(

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