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Are women plum crazy?

Asked by LostInParadise (31936points) June 11th, 2009

Among the standard colors that are available on color palettes for computer drawing there is a reddish purple color that I have seen labeled as plum. In my online tutoring sessions and elsewhere I have seen a marked preference for this color among females, even when pink is available. I find this rather curious. I personally don’t find the color attractive and I do not see women making use of it in their clothing or decorating. So why the interest in this color when doing computer drawings?

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Oh, yea!
Thats what makes them so “interesting”.

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could you post the color for us to see?

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My art agent forwards me color trends. This color you describe was on the list for the last 2 years and is considered to be “In Style” for home decor and clothes.

Perhaps it is attractive because of the current fashion trends.

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Short answer: yes.
Long answer: don’t get me started. Your description has something, vaguely, to do with the menstrual cycle.

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Land O’ Goshen, yes. Them girlies is mighty squirrelly.

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yes, a lot of women really like plums. though some prefer strawberries.

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I never thought about it much, but I do love the color plum.

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Plus I like his style; killing Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe and all.

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@AstroChuck Library with a candelabra.

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Plum, pink, its all good. The crazier the better, KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN VERN?

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@RedPowerLady , You can find the color here: Do a search for plum. It is a little under half way down.

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this reminds me of the joke where I guy finds a lamp, rubs it, and when the genie offers him one wish, he asks the genie to build him a highway from California to Hawaii. The genie protests that the logistics of such a thing would be darn near impossible. So the guy says, “Well then, can you tell me why women think the way that they do?”

The genie replies, “Two lanes or four?”

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For background or for the line of a drawing? I assume you mean for the line. Is the background white or colored?

Many women (though not I) have a strong affinity for shades of red and pink. This may be the nearest they can come in a color dark enough for drawing.

There is no reason to suppose that people want to wear the same colors they like in walls and furniture. I happen to favor for decorative purposes a shade I would absolutely never wear because it goes poorly with my skin tone. I also like in clothing certain dark, deep hues I would not put on my walls.

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@LostInParadise Thank you very much.

I did like the color, as a woman :) Perhpas it has something to do with how color affects mood. For many people bright warm colors like that evoke a positive mood/feeling.

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No, we are just evil bitches.

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In general, I am not a fan of anything in the purple/plum/pink/magenta family. I like oranges and reds and so forth. Or true and green-y blues. My roommate likes those colours, though. Beats me as to why.

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Great pun. Plumbers use a plumb line which is a tool that measures a perfectly straight vertical line. Someone who is plumb crazy is a little off center. And most guys think women, especially older women, are crazy.

“Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.”

There are a number of reasons why older women wear purple (including plum). Subdued purples look better on older white women than the brighter jewel tones and pastels.

Historically, 19th century women went into deep mourning (all black) for a year or two and then to white trim or gray.. After deep mourning was done young widows switched to jewel tones but older women stayed in the purples. Older women spent a lot of time in mourning because they had specific periods for spouses, parents, siblings and children.

Today there is a social group called the Red Hat Society whose “uniform” is a red hat (often trimmed in purple) and a coordinating purple outfit. They are women over 50 who “live life to the fullest” with the support and companionship of their peers.

So older women are usually considered are often considered both plum crazy and plumb crazy because we start to act more independently as our heavy responsibilities to others drop away.

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“even when pink is available”

Why would anyone assume that because one carries two X chromosomes one should prefer the color pink?

I have never been a fan of pink. I do like purple, but find plum to be too reddish for my taste. I generally prefer blues and greens, including in computer drawing applications.

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@galileogirl , You did a good job of explaining things regarding older women, but the preference seems to be universal among women. I do online tutoring for high school students and one of the tools available is a shared whiteboard. More often than not the color choice of females is plum.

@Darwin , The convention is pink for girls and blue for boys. I just assumed that women have a liking for pink.

@Jeruba , I did consider the possibility that plum was chosen over pink because it shows up better against a white background. The difference, though, is not that great.

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@LostInParadise, not that great? It might be small to you but huge to someone else. I avoid pink in all its forms, but I like purple and many of its variants. Perhaps the people who choose this color recognize distinctions that don’t matter to you.

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My favorite colors on that color chart were the Orchids. It sounds like you are using a very small sample to base your assumptions on. I suspect color preference might be seasonal, as well.

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@Jeruba , raising white flag with one hand and showing peace sign with the other Not to make an issue of this, what I meant was that the difference in contrast is not that great, meaning that I don’t think that someone who prefers pink would choose plum because it shows up better.

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ohhhhh I thought you were speaking in terms of them all being lunatics….

yes…yes they are

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@LostInParadise – Pink being for girls has nothing to do with feminine preference. In fact, originally, pink was designated for boys, as it was thought to be the stronger color. In Christian tradition, red was associated as male, and its ‘little’ sibling pink was used for boys. Blue was associated the Virgin Mary and therefore considered feminine.

As late as 1927, an issue of Time magazine printed, “In Belgium, Princess Astrid, consort of the Crown Prince, gave birth a fortnight ago to a 7-lb. daughter. Said despatches: “The cradle . . . had been optimistically outfitted in pink, the color for boys, that for a girl being blue.”

It really wasn’t until the 1950’s campaign to get Rosie the Riveter back into the home and kitchen that pink became a strongly feminine color. Quite frankly, I did my children’s rooms in yellow and green until they were old enough to say what they wanted (my son still opted for yellow and green, but in stronger John Deere tones, and my daughter wants purple and black).

There is quite a discussion of it here .

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Thanks for the info. I have a known a girl or two to be really into pink, but from what you say this is not a universal preference.

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I’ve never liked plum as a color. As a matter of fact, I pretty much hate it.

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@DrasticDreamer are you saying your plum tuckered out? ;)

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I like plums and purples… I even had a plum colored car in the late 1990s. I wear plum on my toenails, and I do have some purple/plum clothing. Clothing options are based on whatever the ‘trends’ are deemed to be, so our choices can be limited at times.

I also like teals and greens with blue undertones. I’ve never really been a ‘girly-girl’, though.

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you might be nuts too

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well it is a nice colour.
i am loving the way you worded the question. puns for the win.

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On ignorance depends karma;
On karma depends consciousness;
On consciousness depend name and form;
On name and form depend the six organs of sense;
On the six organs of sense depends contact;
On contact depends sensation;
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On attachment depends existence;
On existence depends birth;
On birth depend old age and death, sorrow, lamentation, misery, grief, and despair.
~Gautam Buddha

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You have to ask?

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No and this question is the (peach) pits. :)

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yes. i am bat shit crazy and the first to admit it.


It’s a feminine color, like pink and red, so most women are attracted to it. From the time they are little, most women grow up with feminine colors around and on them. In contrast, men grow up attached to strong masculine colors like black, navy blue, dark green, and grey. That’s why most men like blue and not pink. Lol.

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Plum has more than one definition, am I right in guessing you are playing with the one that means exactly?

Plum is rather a lovely color. I think I prefer it to pink.

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