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Why do we want to go fast?

Asked by Blobman (516points) June 11th, 2009

Where do you think humans’ “need for speed” comes from. Why is it so exciting.

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not having to wait

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Because it’s something we can’t do normally. It’s the same with flying or anything we don’t normally do.

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It’s likely related to adrenaline or some other neurotransmitter produced in our brains under stressful situations. Going fast is not something we can normally do, so it would likely trick our bodies into producing adrenaline or another chemical, thus giving you that feeling of thrill. It’s the same reason why people like roller coasters or scary haunted houses.

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Humans? Or males?

I don’t feel that it is both genders at all, mostly confined to immature males.

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on the move. if we sit still, there is no energy, there is no life. I understand some ppl like to relax and sit down, watch tv—my mom like that. but for me, I like to get up.. handle a project.. do something active.. have fun.
just a preference I suppose.

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@Midnight_Blue I’m female and I absolutely hate to drive slow. I’m always in the fast lane.

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I couldn’t tell you how many little old ladies I’ve seen with a lead foot!

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>I’m female and I absolutely hate to drive slow. I’m always in the fast lane.

So do I but that doesn’t really compare to male need for speed. Not of those guys who invest thousands of pounds or dollars in performance increases to enable cars to exceed three times the maximum speed limit.

I own a car that can reach very high speeds, but I will not let any male drive it. I will let female friends borrow it. Men cannot resist ‘seeing how it performs’ and are not happy unless they have to redline alarm sounding. It would not last more than weeks in the hands of the average male. The first time I loaned it to a guy, the next time it was serviced, the service manager told me not to exceed 300 kph again. It was recorded on the computer. I have never exceeded 180 kph so that was the last time a guy was allowed to drive it.

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Because it feels so damn good.

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The element of danger, I suppose. You need skill; fast reflexes to stay in one piece. It’s a sign of machismo, too. Even in women. Well, machisma, I guess. Also, you can get places more quickly. Get more done. If you’re the doing type.

It’s a kind of pyromania, I think. It is very pretty, burning up the roads or the skies. It’s like an altered state of consciousness because everything is going by so fast, it is unfamiliar. It changes your frame of reference. It makes you different from animal, maybe from human, too.

It also makes you different from other people. More competent in a way. Oddly, these days, slow is the new fast. Energy efficiency. It is so cool to drive slow enough that I’m on impulse power (no gas), and then I pull up behind the guy who ripped past me only to stomp on the brakes at the next light, just as that light turns green. Oh yeah, baby!

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When I go fast, I hang my head out the window like a dog, is that normal?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Only if your tongue is hanging out. :P

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@jonsblond I used to hang my tongue out, then I found out what a June bug tastes like. Not a pleasant experience, or flavor.

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Fight or flight. And you have to do it right. Slow people didn’t propagate.

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