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Could I be pregnant? Pls help!

Asked by ChinaXD (15points) June 12th, 2009 from iPhone

Hi. I’m 17….
Well I just had my period 2 weeks ago and it lasted one whole week. It was from the fri 29th to at least Friday the 5th. I mean it got light towrds the end but idk. Well I had unpretected sex the night after my period started. And then he “came” in me he said. Since then Iv noticed that I’m eating a little more. My breast got a little bigger, and so did my waist. I feel small cramps. Usually in the morning. It goes on like my stomach was growling. But it’s not. It’s like gas pains or something. Now I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach a couple times a day like in the morning and at night. But it’s not to where I actually need to throw up. Kinda like I need to though.
So i really really really need to know if I’m likely to be pregnant cause I’m kinda freaking out.
P.S. Do you think it’s all in my head?

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Could be.

Take a trip to the store and get a pregnancy test. Then go see your OB-GYN.

Best of luck.

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Could be because you’re stressing out.

But I would definitely take a test because those are definitely some symptoms. I personallyknow that for a fact.

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it’s not in your head. if anything, it’s in your uterus.

go see your doctor.

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It’s possible. A $2 test from Dollar General confirmed my last pregnancy. Try it and then go see your doctor.

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Is it too early to take a test? Shouldn’t I wait till I miss my next period? Which I can’t wait!!! I’m a little anxious…

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@ChinaXD ok. tomorrow, get up, eat some breakfast, go to the doctor/free clinic/whatever and find out. or explain the symptoms and s/he’ll tell you what to do next, or when to wait til.

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@ChinaXD I know that you are anxious but you might want to wait until your next period. Only a doctor can tell you for sure at this time. Please let us know the outcome. We (fluther) are a caring bunch and are here for any other questions that you might have. Good luck!

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Ugh. Feels like there’s acid in my stomach. I know I’m not hungry because I just ate not too long ago. Ugggghh…idk! It’s weird. Thanks guys for the feedback. It helps alot;]

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Could be, could not be. Go see a doctor. There is no sense in beating around the bush or speculating, and no one on the internet can tell you for sure, that’s why there are doctors :)

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No, you are not…ovulation is between day 14 up to 18 from the first day of your period, unless you are one of those young ladies who have sporadic bleeds all through the month. If you have a regular period at a set date, I would not worry to much. I would advice you to go see a clinic sister and discuss contraception.

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Yes you are. What will you name the child?

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Like @WifeOfBath says, I think it’s unlikely due to the timing. You would not experience pregnancy symptoms until the embryo “attached” to your uterus, which I believe takes two weeks after conception. It’s definitely possible that you’re pregnant, but less likely than if this happened a couple weeks later.

May I suggest the Nuvaring as a form of birth control? It sounds like you need to take the initiative to protect yourself, since your partner hasn’t. Also, it’s a good idea to get tested for STD’s, and very easy to do so.

Please keep us updated, and best of luck!

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I have varying ovulation dates, and ovulated late when I got pregnant with my son, but I do know you can ovulate quite early. Plus, semen can last up to four days inside of you, so you don’t need to ovulate on the exact day you have sex, you could ovulate four days later and become pregnant from the semen. Semen can’t really travel well when a woman is menstrating, but you can really get pregnant at any time (at least, you should always use protection just in case)

I doubt you’re pregnant, you might be psyching yourself into thinking it. I know I’ve had that happen :(
A urine test won’t work until you are at least 5 days from getting your period. I would hold off until you are closer to getting your period, then take a pregnancy test.
Or, you could go to your doctor and get a blood test. They don’t have to tell your parents if you ask them not to.

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Thanks… My friend says I’m just getting fat in my stomach area but I know it’s tooooo early to even start to get or show a baby belly!
Maybe my body is changing because I’m getting older.
But does that kinda thing happen b4 getting pregnant?
I’m 5’1 and weigh 108 pounds.
could my body try to adjust to whatever of getting prego?

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Getting older? You’re only 17.
Are you not exercising as much? Are you eating more junk? You could just be gaining weight, it happens.

I personally can usually tell right away if I’m pregnant. My breast become sore, and I get very moody. But, I didn’t know I was pregnant when I had my first son. I had to take a test repeatedly until it showed up positive.

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@casheroo I eat the way I always eat. Normally. I barely eat alot though when I do. And I eat at least two or 3 times a day. I don’t eat much junk food either. ... I don’t remember what I eat. lol
I’m not that active but I try to be. But I’m always stuck at home. I’m slim but my stomach is popping out more than my breast are?

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@ChinaXD Then go to a doctor for a blood test. They can confirm if you are pregnant.

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@willbrawn lol. You’re funny.
I kinda do wanna be pregnant:] I hope I am…

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@ChinaXD You’re only 17, why do you want to be pregnant? You need to think this through, and start using birth control, because being a parent is much harder than you think.

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@ChinaXD when I was your age, I was the full-time substitute mom for my nephew, and it was one of the hardest jobs ever. And I didn’t even have to worry about financially supporting him immediately or long-term. It was one of the best birth-control learning experiences I can think of. Trust me: it is NOT EASY to take care of a child when you are so young. Do yourself and your future child(ren) a favor and see your doctor about birth control, and give it some time so you will be ready for motherhood later in life.

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Oh I know…
But I guess whatever happens happens.
I know everyone is going to tell me not to want to be pregnant. Which I already know why and that’s why I don’t want a child but if I am then I’m happy.
It’s not like I’m trying to get prego though.The guy I’m with has condoms but doesn’t want to use them with me… Idk if u guys knew the whole story, you’d kinda understand.
I could tell you if u want? I don’t mind.

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@ChinaXD He doesn’t want to use condoms? Leave. Run far away. He is not worth it.
You risk stds and pregnancy by not using condoms.

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I like him alot!
But I know he’s lying to me…
It’s too late to run. I’m already attached. He hasn’t called me in luke 5 months and then all of a sudden he calls. Which was unexpected. I ended up cheating on my boyfriend who I didn’t get a chance to break up with yet cuz he was in jail.
The next day I found out he was in jail that was the reason for not calling me for 2 weeks.
I had to break the news to him:[ but I wasn’t that upset about it at all cause I missed the guy who MIGHT be my baby daddy, alot. And he just so happen to cum in me for the first time. I can’t say no to him for some reason when I know I should.
I REALLY do need to get checked for std’s. But I doubt I have any. But still…
No one would help me out… My mom wouldn’t for some reason:/ I would myself but I don’t know anything about anything and doctors appointments and stuff. My mom does. I don’t know what her problem is. We also don’t get along but I asked her to make me a doctors appointment but hasn’t wanted to?

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I’m sorry if I’m making anyone upset at me for this…
I’m just confused.

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You’re 17, you don’t understand some things yet. He’s no good for you. If he really cared about you, he would use the condoms. I know too many people who got pregnant at that age, it’s an incredibly difficult time to have a child.

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@ChinaXD Don’t worry about it. We all say and do things that we may regret when we are under stress. No one (at least I’m not) is upset with you. Get yourself to a doctor please! And…. Welcome to Fluther. :)

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@jonsblond thank you!
You really helpful and as of all of you, Thanks! You guys are awsome.

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@ChinaXD: Listen, I’m not going to deconstruct your story and tell you what you should and should not do; but I am going to ask that you PLEASE do the following:

• Visit your doctor ASAP and explain everything to him/her.
• Give guys a break for at least a little bit. At least until you get past this situation.
• Stay on Fluther and keep asking questions. There’s lots of good hearted, intelligent folk here who can steer you in the right direction.

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Yeah i’m trying!
And yeah messing around with anyone till I find out about the problem. Thank u @cprevite

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It’s unlikely that you’re pregnant because the timing issue that @WifeOfBath brought up. Most women ovulate about 2 weeks after the first day of their period (if you have a 7 day period, then it’s a week after your period ends) but it’s still possible, especially given that you’re young and your hormones can be out of whack.

I suggest finding a planned parenthood clinic in your area. They can help you with just about everything you need: a pregnancy test, std tests, birth control, and someone to talk to about your relationship with this guy, the condom issue, etc. Plus everything there is super-affordable, and they’re really really caring and understanding. They don’t judge you.

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