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Do you think it takes a certain intellectual level for an animal to consider a technological species such as Humans, as gods instead of just another animal with peculiar abilities?

Asked by ragingloli (48312points) June 14th, 2009

Take Orangutans for example, which are undoubtedly intelligent, and arguably self aware. Do they think of us as gods, or just another animal with special abilities?
Would an Orangutan need a culture of its own, with buildings, inventions, etc. to compare itself to us and conclude from the difference in abilities, that we are gods?

Or is thinking of a superior lifeform as a god merely a human trait, born from the arrogant thought that the only gods could be superior to humans?

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King Louie from Jungle book wanted to be a man cub so maybe they think of us as the superior being , the all mighty power could i be wrong /

Jungle book was real so don’t say it wasn’t if its on tv its real . lol

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“God” and all other aspects of life are all human terms. A “God” (and this is in my personal opinion; religious peeps, don’t kill me) only exists to serve the purpose of answering questions to which we do not have the answer to – yet.

For an animal to be able to consider something else to have “God-like” qualities, it’d first have to have an idea of its own abilities, and what separates its own existence from the one in question.

Secondly, it’d have to understand the world around it, and what can and cannot be done. An orangutan might say, “Holy hell, I’ve been bitten in the ass by that hairless creature from a mile away!” when it was shot with a dart gun.

But I highly doubt it’d be capable of questioning why, or how. That’s where a “God” would come in, at least for humans.

If anything, I think orangutans see us humans as parents of sorts. Intelligent, wise creatures that it can learn from, get food from, and depend on when it shats in its cage.

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Animals don’t consider. They react but with the exception of some primates, don’t really reason. I doubt if any animal regards humans as gods. Dogs regard them as alphas, cats regard them as staff.

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I think the fundamental reason for God or “A” god is fear of death and dying (for ourselves and for our relatives) and unless an animal can comprehend death and dying, to them, there are no gods.

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In my household, Milo is the god. That issue has never been up for debate.

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I think to regard any animal a god requires a certain intellectual level.

Actually it requires a bandwidth: a minimum to actually be a able to do so and a maximum to not discard the possibility.

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My cats have too much control over me to consider me any sort of supreme being. And given the fact that I allow them so much power over me says a lot about who might be the superior being.

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@tinyfaery – Same thing happened to Cleopatra. Watch out for a poisonous asp!

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@fireside _Same thing happened to Cleopatra. Watch out for a poisonous asp!

I think that Paris Hilton has a poisonous ass-p. It has certainly done some serious damage to the reputation of home video technology.

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