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How to you stop yourself from procrastinating?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) December 30th, 2007

I am a horrible procrastinator. Always putting things off and paying for it later. As I am sure many do.

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Massive article about this in NewScientist No2634 last week (15 December 2007) .

Basically you just need to work during a time when you have nothing to do except work.
Then remove every distraction like your computer, your phone etc. Throw your BlackBerry out the window and make a firm commitment to whoever wants whatever it is done.
Then set reachable goals, don’t do all the work in one load because you will never even start (bah-bah… dah-dah bombombombom).

The get someone to whip you into action and keep you going.

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Have a significant other follow up on your commitments and goals.

Create rewards for yourself (e.g., plan ahead that if I finish this homework assignment, I’ll reward myself with a Redbox DVD or something like that).

Work with plans, not only with goals. In other words, take a goal and break it down into reasonable steps. Assign those steps to weeks, days, or hours. (Anything beyond weeks, like months or years, is usually too broad and complicated. Break it down further.) Involve another person in your plan and share your progress. Set a time and place every day or every week where you can revisit the plan and make adjustments.

Remember to prioritize. Some things should come after more important things. But remember the root word of prioritize: prior, or before. In your planning, rank your objectives beforehand and make sure the most important things are completed on time. You can always readjust the lesser items during your planning time.

Lastly, you must think positively. Negative thinking only leads to stress and maybe even mental illness. The effort you make to not procrastinate is so much more important than the outcome. Things work out and it’s okay to fail—it’s not okay to give up. So keep a cheerful attitude as you plan and work with your plans and enjoy the rewards of good effort!

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1. make a list of everything you need to do, with the thing you want to do the least on the top of the list.

2. when it’s time to work, consult the list, and do item number two.

3. rewrite the list daily. eventually, something will come along that you want to do even less than your top item.

simple, yet effective!

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I think about how terrible its going to be when the time runs out and I haven’t completed what I needed to. Its always far worse than just doing whatever the task is.

Unless the task is much more horrid than the repercussion. That has yet to happen to me.

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I have enough work to last me for weeks, but instead of doing it, of course, I’m on Fluther, procrastinating by reading all these wonderful answers on how NOT to procrastinate.

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I feel like I shall always procrastinate, for I will procrastinate to try out these wonderful answers.

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I’ll get back with an answer for this later. :)

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As one of my favorite Demotivators’ says, “Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now”.

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Just take action…any action. Start with something very small and achievable but something you have been wanting to do for sometime. Once you’ve started the momentum, it is easier to continue.

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I usually have to get away from the computer for a bit to stop procrastinating.:) A to-do list in fin colors is always helpful too.

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I’m reading The Now Habit by Niel Fiore. It’s very helpful.

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The only way to not procrastinate is to do the task right away.

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