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How can you incorporate a blog into a website that when people write comments the comments are part of the website content?

Asked by teresacuervo (30points) June 21st, 2009


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This is addressed by giving the blog it’s own URL and linking to it off the main website.

I’m assuming that this is a business site, and the blog will have business purpose. Keep in mind that the communication strategy for a website and for a blog are very, very different. The most important thing that you need to do before you start is to clearly define the purpose of the blog (why do you want the blog, what the topic will be), what the publishing schedule will be, and what the quidelines are for comments. Once you define scope and schedule, you need to stick to them. If you fail to plan up front, you will have chaos and the blog will fail.

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Technically speaking though, can you put a blog within a website or do you have to always link to it. I want to do this for content purposes,Google loves fresh content and if I have a blog within the website is is fresh daily and if comments are received soooo much better. Is that possible? Or involves major programming? The rest that ypu proposes have been established, but great advice though!

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You can, if you’re doing it artificially create metrics. But from a usability standpoint, it would really suck. You have to keep in mind that the whole purpose of a website and a blog is to create value to your audience. Web sites tend to be communication pushes, while blogs are more informational pulls. Are you trying to convert the website into an online newsletter?

What’s the website URL? Is it a B2B or B2C site?

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A real interesting site model for a B2B model that has content value for consumers as well is

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I have an affiliate site, so really it is a B2C site, but what I wanted to do is have an interaction with my customers and see what they like . I also thought of forums and polls to do that too.

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You’re may want to think about adding a forums section, and perhaps consumer feedback about the products you feature, like a rating/comments arrangement. The ratings/comments will give you information about your current products, and forums would give you more topical direction about what people’s interests/needs are.

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the rating feature is a good idea. ! Here you can see what products you can feature more of. Nice!

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