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Do Aveda products have parabins or petrochemicals in them?

Asked by lilakess (789points) December 7th, 2006
I'm especially looking for a great make-up line without all that junk in it. Please advise.
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I don't know about Aveda, but I use Bare Minerals foundation, and it's all natural. It's my favorite brand. It's a powder foundation and looks really good on. They say it's good for your skin. They advertise that it's ok to sleep with it on. I know they have eye shadows, but not sure what other products they have. Available at sephora.
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A really great website is
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you can check out lots of brands and see if they are toxic, etc. If you don't find what you need there, you might find some good info at
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and here is a list of companies that do not use parabens:
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Yes, Aveda does contain parabens and petrohemicals. Larenim is a great chemical free make up line.
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just FYI, "all natural" doesn't mean anything.... as for parabens, you can just read the ingredients, there will be methyl, poly and maybe other kinds of parabens. even "organic" and "all natural" shampoos use parabens, you have to read every label.....
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however, aveda products do not have urethea in them which is at least a small comfort!
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Unless you are allergic to parabins, I'm not sure how worthwhile it is to avoid them. They are in most cosmetics, and it might be a real pain to find a GOOD product line that doesn't use them.

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I have a found a make-up/shampoo line that I LOVE. It's called Dr. Hauschka skin care. German company.

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Bare Minerals made my skin break out -- so it's not as wonderful as they profess. As emilyrose mentions, "all natural" doesn't automatically mean that something is wonderful. paraffin and other petrochemicals are byproducts of oil, which comes from the earth and is therefore 'natural'. There are parabens that occur in nature and synthetically duplicated. Products made with animal products are also 'natural'. If you want products that are animal and earth-friendly, do a search for vegan cosmetics. Their are several sources and their numbers are growing.

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As of September 2009 Aveda no longer manufactures any product with parabins. This is including the makeup. They have been working to remove the few parbin products left in there line since 2005. If you would like to know all of Aveda ingredients you can find a complete list on their website Let me know if I can answer any more Aveda Questions?

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