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So where can I go to learn to put on makeup?

Asked by sanari (485points) June 27th, 2009

Do department stores offer this service? I’ve heard they do but I don’t believe it.

I’m like 28, don’t need makeup, but my hubby has hinted that I would look stunning if I did. So I want to try it out. [I hate anything that makes my skin feel stuffy and unable to breathe, though…]

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Yes, department stores offer this service for free. If you live in the United States, most big department stores have several different brands of makeup and a makeup specialist for each brand to help you.

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They also do it at Sephora, Aveda, and in my area a really small spa called Apropos that is amazing. I wish it was a chain so I could send you there. Just beware that at most of the places mentioned they’re going to try to get you to buy a bunch of make-up when they’re done. If you don’t wear any now, then good, you can buy what they give you, but my advice is just get the basics, and then you can go back and get the rest later, and then you get another make-up lesson. Sweet!

Oh, since you said you don’t wear makeup now, I would say the basics are: foundation, blush, and mascara, and maybe one other thing, depending on your preferences: concealer, lip gloss, eye-shadow, whatever.

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What are teh basics? ._. [meek face]

doh. stupid me reads halfway. sorry :)

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@sanari Where do you live? I mean the general area, not the actual town, etc.

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In a horrible horrible embarrassing state. [I’m down south, but I am not from here.] Cousin marriages are legal here. Yes, still.

I’ll find a place. We have Kohl’s here :)

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a store or ues your moms makup

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How about I’m 28 and no where near my mother :P

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just put on makeup when you are14

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@melover139 Are you even reading what she has said? You don’t even make sense. She said she is 28.

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I went to a Mary Kay party when I first learned about make-up. If you google Mary Kay and your city you should have no trouble finding a consultant who will be happy to help you.

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I’d ask at a local beauty salon, as well, if you live in a small town.

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Merle Norman, Mary Kay, a salon that sells makeup like Bare Essencials or MAC, any counter in the department store. Of course, they will want you to buy their products, but be firm and don’t overspend. Most of those things are not much better than the things you can buy at Target. Some are, but not many, especially since you are young, rarely wear makeup and plan to only do the basics.

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Sephora is great. I learned at the Clinique counter. It seemed like it was more natural and they didn’t try to oversell their products.

For me, the basics are really basic! I may wear mineral makeup (Bare Escentuals) foundation, blush and lip gloss…that might be it. I don’t always wear mascara because I’m inept. I just suck at putting mascara on! My blush is a color that can be used as eyeshadow, as well. A time saver a makeup artist taught me a long time ago, use the blush as a highlighter for your eyes.

Good luck! :)

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Thanks everyone, keep the comments coming because I’m learning~

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Meh, I have copper skin, not pink :P

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So the undertone of your skin, like most women, is yellow. Call your nearest big department store and ask if they have a Prescriptives counter in their cosmetics section, and if they do, go there and a custom foundation can be created for you.

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Oo, that’s cool to know~

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you cant try a department store or you can go to an aesthetics store and set up an appointment if you want something more one on one and they will show you what colors work best on you, and how to apply everything, plus you will score some free stuff!

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I decided the place I will go to – we have an Ulta nearby. It’ll be a fun day when I go!

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Bare Escentuals. If you buy a starter kit it comes with a DVD to explain how to apply it.

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My daughter who is 12, and a make-up magician says TV and YouTube. Here is a link which she recommends highly.

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