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So flutherites, do you have a tumblr?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) June 28th, 2009

I’ve had mine for a while, but just recently started using it. I think it’s great for writing my thoughts, posting awesome pictures, and some even greater quotes. So who here has got one and whats your link!?

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i did have one….but i found the options restrictive….now i am using, besides twitter of course, posterous, which is nice and minimal to look at…the default…and does all the links for you….you just send your stuff by email, by a post on the website or by using a little button on your bookmarks bar, as in delicious etc…..they do all the work for me which is ideal…it’s very simple….you can edit the post after too…plus there’s comments which i don’t think tumblr does yet….

nb i don’t work for posterous….i hope this plug is ok….!

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While I do post here frequently, I don’t like to give out too many personal details because I think that data is far too valuable to be post on the internet where it can be taken advantage of.

I do write some stuff down in a book or in the “notepad” application but that’s for me not for public consumption.
It doesn’t sound like tumblr would be a good site for me.

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I have, but I am cross-posting through Posterous instead, which I like much better.

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I use mine to turn drab rocks shiny. Oh wait,you are talking about something else, aren’t you?

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I use tumblr to post random things I find funny on the web. Very entertaining I like to think.

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I just made one….

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@chelseababyy this one i’m still learning how to use it though :)

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..I just may have to make one. Damn this addictive internet crap!

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@cyndihugs it’s easier when you get the hang of it :]

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See Bonus here. Only fun, stupid funny stuff. I would like to use it for work related stuff because I love how easy it is to post but it is too hard to control the design.

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Following :] It is hard to control the design, but easy with the layouts they have. I suppose if you’re smart in CSS & HTML it’s even easier.

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no, but tumblr will be the death of me. when i am not fluthering, i am tumblring (tumbling?). i’m thinking about making one.

i’ve got a folder of favourites called ‘tumblr’ in which i’ve got like 30 tumblrs that cover a variety of subjects. they include ones such as:

~f*ckyeah(insert broad category or celebrity name here) (a listing of more are here)



~yahoo answers (you guys will probably appreciate this one) and even the daily bunny for god’s sake…)

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@tiffyandthewall Make one :] Do it! And those are awesome, thanks for the links.

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@chelseababyy you’re welcome haha.
with 2 months left of summer, i am pretty positive that i will give in and make one. yours has inspired me; it’s so cute :D

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@tiffyandthewall Aww, thank you :) It’s just random bits of things I find that make me feel happy. Once you do, post it here!

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@tiffyandthewall I am so disturbed by the ‘yahoo answers.’ Thanks for posting!

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Mine’s the hokum culture
Some of my photos, but usually quotes and interesting photos from all over.

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I just made one today, it’s kinda confusing. But I know how to post pics. I just don’t know what to do in it :)

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@clair haha i am too, but i can’t not read them! you’re welcome (;
i finally made one!

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