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Can going to a higher elevation give you gas?

Asked by sfgal (280points) January 2nd, 2008

I’ve noticed that when I go up to the mountains I sometimes feel…well…um…gassy. Is this due to an elevation change? And would this also be true for airplanes? If so, any way to remedy it?

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It is certainly true when scuba diving. My guess would be that the effect would be subtle.

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Probably could. Just about everything & anything gives me gas. Whoops—overshare. Always make sure to have a large supply of generic simethicone with you, wherever you may go.

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Think of it like this. At Higher Elevations the air is thiner so to equalize this your body needs to release gas from it’s system. So you do not have more gas exactly but your body needs to equalize to the elevation your currently at.

As far as remedies? there are dozens of them out there for Gas and Bloating that could be of use. Just use your favorite search engine and have fun.

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Higher elevation = lower pressure. Just look at the bag of chips you brought with you. Now imagine what would happen if the chips had a butt.

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Could this be related to the severe mt. sickness that high-altitude climbers incur when they do not ascend slowly and acclimate themselves?

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