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If you could change one physical characteristic about yourself, what would it be?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) June 29th, 2009

Me? Probably my height.

Doesn’t affect my day-to-day and I’m quite fortunate to not have a major physical defect, but hey… if I could change it, I would.

What about you?

I’m sure a similar question has been asked, but we’ve got a whole buncha new people onboard.

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I kinda like me as is. I don’t really enjoy having a little bit of acne, but I am a teenager. I just have to live with that.

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My height, as well. I’m almost 5’2”.

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Damn. I am about 6’2”...

I’m sure if I was short, I would want to change that. But I really hope I don’t get much taller. Sometimes being tall gets irritating.

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My arms, I would like them to be a little longer so it would be easier to drum I’m 5’4

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@dverhey Just rub it in why don’tcha..

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demon wings, cat ears and tail

syz's avatar

<===five foot nuthin!

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I’d like to lose about 3 or 4 inches. I’m almost 6ft2.

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Actually, I take that back. I would love to be a bit more proportional. I am about 6’2”, yet have unusually long arms and legs. It would be nice to be a little bit less goofy looking. I think it may make me a little less klutzy too.

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All of it, I mean.

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My height. With a 7’2” grandfather and 4’11” grandmother, I got the short end of the stick at 5’2”. All my life when I’ve seen women around 5’5” and taller, I’ve always thought they were “real women” instead of bonsai sized women. Men have always said things like, “you’re sooo tiny” and it makes me feel awkward, like a toy or something they don’t quite takes very seriously.

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My weight. I have been fighting with it for 56 years now, and I am tired of it.

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@hungryhungryhortence I actually feel a bit similar. Not to say that shorter women aren’t “real” women (hell no), but there’s a definite difference between being with a 5’1” girl and a 5’9” girl. Don’t know what it is.

@astrochuck Care to share?

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I’d just like God to start over from scratch. Nuff sed.

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I’d like to be a bit taller, but actually, when I think about it, I like having to ask tall handsome men to get stuff for me from the top shelves. So my hight is fine.

My weight, maybe? Well, I AM overweight, but that’s my fault, so that would be cheating…

No, I know. I’d LOVE to have a more firm and defined waistline! I am an hourglass-figure, but I’d like it to show more! (Of course, if I’d been taller and less overweight, that would help :P )

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Except for my deep blue eyes.
(They’re to die for.)

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My height. For my size I should be at least 6 feet tall.

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I am 5’ and would love to be 5’7”. That’s how tall I’m going to be in my next life, unless I come back as a man, then 6’ would be just about right.

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I wish I had nicer hair. I mean, it’s nice, but I don’t know what to do with it, so what I really want is the ability to style it better. hmmm not a physical characteristic.

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I am reasonably satisfied with myself but I’d like to lose a bit more weight.. :)

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@casheroo Some people are just born perfect :(

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I’ve always liked being short and small. :)

I think I would go with maybe getting a slightly smaller nose. Either way, it’s nothing crucial and I don’t feel very strongly about it.

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I’d like to return to my previous height of 6’2” rather than my current 4’-whatever (thanks to my wheelchair).

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@AstroChuck – as you always say, you are irresistible in your avatar and in your high school photo (despite the shirt and vest), why ever would you want to change???

Or did you mean, the entire human species needs some tweaking? I would second that one!

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Yeah, my height. I’m 5’8’’ and I’d much rather be 5’5’’ to 5’6’’.

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I would like to change my eyes to this note rest is for identity protection everything else is just perfect.

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I would have to say my feet. I wish they were slender and size 8 compared to wide and size 9–10. It is nearly impossible to find heels that fit me.

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My eyes. I’d like blue instead of brown.

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My height. I’m 5’2 and I would love to be about 5’6 or 5’7.

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@Grisaille I didn’t say I was perfect, but I am happy with my body. Everyone here is pretty much saying they wish they were my height, I remember when I was younger I wished I was shorter which I viewed as more feminine…but I love being 5’6. It really is a great height lol

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@casheroo I was just teasin’. :]

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My skin… every inch of it. It’s Caspar white, nearly see-through, and sensitive as hell. Yeah, I’ll take a smooth, olive complexion next time around, please.

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See-through! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrow.

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@AstroChuck You can see my veins, if you want. ;)

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Let me light some candles first.

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If I could only pick one I think I’d pick my feet. I wish I had small dainty feet with an arch instead of the exact opposite :|

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I wish I was taller, I am only 5’0” and my ideal height would be 5’6”

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Hurray! I’m the ideal height!

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I’d like to get rid of this wart on my knee. Hmm. And this mole on my arm. Except children find them interesting. Never mind.

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@jmah hee hee hee Nothing like being old and having interesting body parts for kids
to be amazed by. They also like the age spots on old people’s hands. “Chocolate??”

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Haha, aw, I can see them saying that. Cute

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I would like healthier teeth and gums.

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