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How can I get gum out of a bedsheet?

Asked by Seth (302points) July 1st, 2009

My brother woke up one day with gum all over his bed, and some on his shirt. What is the most effective way to get it out?

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Ice. Freeze it and chip it off.

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This video gives you step-by-step instructions.

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The Dad method: Buy a new sheet or flip it over.
The Mom method: Freeze it, scrape it, wash it till it’s clean again

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wash it in bleach.

….oh, gum.

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To get the last bits out after freezing, scraping, etc. try something like Goo Gone.

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There is also the heat method, where you put several layers of paper towel above and below the gum, then iron it out onto the towels.

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@YARNLADY I know that works with wax. Does it work with gum too?

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If the gum is already imbedded, such as after it goes through the wash, it works, but with solid chunks, the cold method is best.

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Peanut butter will dissolve gum (well supposedly anyhow) I have used it on dogs who had gum in their fur, it sort of worked!

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make your brother wash the bedsheet and his shirt. that’ll teach him to go to bed with gum

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@rooeytoo I would imagine that would be just to make their fur oily so it would slide off easily. But I had always wondered if that would work or if it would be nothing but a peanut/spearmint nightmare.

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@Clair – it sure wasn’t a fast way to get it out, but it did work eventually and then the dog would spend hours licking the spot!

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