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Wife just had gall bladder removed. Food suggestions?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 2nd, 2009

My wife had GB removed Monday and is sore and nauseous. She ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup Tuesday night and felt miserable afterwards. So I know it ought to be clear broths for now. Any other suggestions to soothe her tummy? Thanks!

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This site, Ask The Dietitian, seems to have some answers.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! :)

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This article has some suggestions, excerpted below:

What to eat:
“Include foods in your diet that promote the good health of your biliary system and your digestive system in general. Fiber sources such as lettuce and grains are wonderful, as are vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables such as beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, grapes and carrots. Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as flax-seed oil and salmon are also beneficial.”

What not to eat:

“Avoid foods that have a high fat or acid content. Until your body has had time to heal and adjust, stay away from red meat, pork, butter, fried foods, dairy products and eggs. In regards to drinks, stay away from fruit juices (aside from grape and apple) and all caffeinated, alcoholic or carbonated beverage. Even decaf coffee and tea should be avoided.”

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Stay away from fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. (Oatmeal, etc.)

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Shouldn’t she have received post-op instructions for care and feeding of herself? Call surgeon’s office and ask to speak to nurse asap. It is their and the hospital’s responsibilty to provide just exactly that info. Chicken soup, if made properly, has fat in it.

Weren’t you given contact info for post-op complications or questions? It is routine in the hospitals in my area.

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Following choleocystectomy you don’t really have to change your diet. A balanced healthy diet will be fine. The only difference you may notice is you have more frequent, looser stools.

Your wife’s nausea may be related to the anaesthesia or from the sugery (any surgery on the abdomen can leave the whole area feeling a bit delicate). I would follow @gailcalled‘s advice and call
your doctor for some advice.

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Her whole diet will need to be changed, if she ever ate anything greasy or fatty (which can be things you never expected) and dairy. I have many friends who have had theirs out, and they have to poop almost immediately after eating, and get loose stools very easily. I can’t imagine losing my gall bladder :(

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