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On my Kalanchoe, some of the leaves are dried, crispy and yellow. Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 2nd, 2009
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your best bet is to Google the plant you have and see what other gardeners say about it. Personally, I am not familiar with that particular plant.

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Sounds to me as tho its dead or dying .
Can you trim the dead leaves off to try and promote re growth?
Could be a mixture of things maybe a tad more information on your soil, feeding/watering habits .

I do not know this plant

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Here’s a picture of it. I needs a lot of sun, and I’m thinking that maybe it’s not getting enough? I’m going to move it closer to a window and see what happens. The soil is not dry, so, it’s not like it’s lacking in moisture.

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Could it not be the window that is making the problem ?

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@sandystrachan Could be, I don’t know. Not sure what the problem is. Kalanchoe’s can tolerate a lot of sun. I have few other plants beside it that are healthier than the Kalanchoe and require less sunlight. So, I can’t see too much sunlight being a reason for the problem.

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This site mention fungus, but also mentions the yellowing dried leaves you do . They say too much water can make the leaves go yellow . I didn’t read it all tho .

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Plants need the proper amount and kind of food, water, soil and light. Google can find specific info. I would repot after pruning severely and double check the requirement.

Here ya go.

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@gailcalled You always come through when it comes to flora. Thanks!

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