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Would it make you angry if you had a roommate that always cleaned up after you, but would never clean up after themselves?

Asked by IBERnineD (7324points) July 4th, 2009

I found that how people answer this question, reveals a lot about them….

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Angry? No. Perplexed? Yes. What did I reveal about myself?

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Yes – I prefer to take care of my own crap, and to have others take care of theirs. If there was a mutual cleaning up after each other, that’d be fine. It is about give and take to me. Also, it seems like cleaning up someone elses messes but ignoring your own may well be the same as seeing faults in others but ignoring one’s own shortcomings. I prefer to be with people who realize no one is perfect, including themselves, and are willing to try to improve themselves while trying to help others. I think little actions like what is described in this question do tend to reveal things about a person’s character.

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It does bother me. My husband does this. He will walk right past three small messes he made and clean up something I left. It drives me nuts.

I have asked him to explain why he does this. The best he can tell me is he doesn’t “see” the other things.

I think it reveals more about ther person doing it than the person it is done to.

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I’m way more likely to clean up after other people than myself. I don’t really even perceive my own messes.

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Yes, sounds like a control issue.

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If this meant they were basically clearing my personal possessions away all the time, making it look like I didn’t really live there while their personal clutter was all over, yes it would upset me. If you mean, like, dishes then no, it wouldn’t really bother me. But it would be bizarre.

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To clean up after someone else when your own area is a mess is co-dependent, and frankly, doesn’t make that much sense.

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I don’t know about angry, but I’d probably be annoyed and bemused.

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It would depend on the nature of the mess, and the grossness factor. Leaving the kitchen trashed after cooking and dirty dishes in the sink is different than leaving a pile of shoes near the door, and papers all over the place.

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I would find it weird, I wouldn’t want them touching my things or rearranging them. And why aren’t they cleaning up after themselves?

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you need a new roommate

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If you cleaned up after them, would you be even?

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