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Another song like this one?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) July 8th, 2009

I want a song that is very similiar to Flying High (D-Tune Radio Remix) by DCX.

Similiar as in words (mainly the flying high part), beat, and preferably techno, too.

Here is a link for those who have not heard it. It is the second song and starts about 30 seconds in:

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It would be faster if you just googled what you asked . I think…..

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Really? Google can do that? I’ll try, but I’m pesamistic about the results I’ll get. Especially because I want something similiar and not just something with a similiar name, the same artist, or just uploaded by the same person.

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Or you could try typing it into Pandora to see what they match you up with.

sandystrachan's avatar will also give you similar sounding music .

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Ok, sweet, thanks, I’ll try those things.

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