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Mostly music videos of what I have playing on iTunes.. And skateboarding videos.

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and otherwise tv show and movie previews/trailers (i don’t have a tv), music videos, concert clips, and standup comedy – occasionally political speeches and interviews

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propaganda from the 60’s, kung fu from the 70’s and zombies from the 00’s and when the mood takes me – puppets

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My general areas of interest include ventriloquism, beat-boxers/ a’capella singers, and English comedy.

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poo poo broussard

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Me too, human tetris, so cool!
But also Mac VS PC ads. :-)

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funny commercials, Japanese’s music videos.

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Skateboarding-The Gonz, Music-Alkaline trio, NoFx, Squidbillies

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Anything funny, or entertaining. Sometimes i look for Youtube Poop (very funny edited scenes of cartoons and stuff with bits added in :P)

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I mainly like the ones that make me laugh. I stumbled on to this one yesterday. it’s not even really funny, but I got a kick out of it.. and the re- mixes of it

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funny and creative stuff, and some good interested tv shows,

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iPod touch stuff, driving on the Autobahn

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Old TV shows, among other things… was able to introduce my 15-yr-old daughter to the Smothers Brothers, Pat Paulsen, and Diana Rigg in her role as “Mrs. Peel” recently using YouTube material – next subject will be “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”!

Or just little curious things that happen to come up in conversation: Last night we found some very funny videos featuring tongue-twisters! (the “mother pheasant plucker” one, specifically…!)

Wrestling matches. Jugglers. Dancers. And of course, during the election, all sorts of creative political commentary!

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anything that interest me

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horror movies
old school wrestling matches
weird stuff

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Music videos of whatever’s in my head, generally.

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Music usually or funny videos

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