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South Park or Family Guy?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 4th, 2008

south park or family guy p.s. Only simple answers please that means no over analyzing the q so no nerdeing it up

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I’m going to do what you said not to.

I don’t think this is a simple question. If your question is “which do you think is better?” then it would be a legitimate simple question. Right now though, the question is “which IS better?” and that all hinges on how you define better.
South park does more commentary on current social events whereas Family guy is just funny.

I prefer family guy.

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Family Guy kicks ass.

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Family guy is funnier. However much as perchik said south park does more skits on current events to show how screwed up the world has become.. nerds 4 life :-)~

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Nerding or Nerdering? You probably meant Nerding, but Nerdering (meaning you left off a letter instead of adding an extra letter) has a certain appeal as a new word. Oh wait, you said no over analyszing. Sorry. Family Guy.

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South park hands down.

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South Park

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Please don’t make me choose!!!! That’s cruel…

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Family Guy
American Dad too!

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south park

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It is SOOO close, however, when the day is done I’d have to go with Family Guy. Or how about South Guy and Family Park….?

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Family Guy hands down.

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south park, no question

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South park. Nothing comes close.

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Family Guy. Nothing comes close.

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Futurama, but South Park absent that choice. Family Guy is funny, but I prefer some semblance of a plot over consistently cutting away for a throwaway joke.

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Family Guy but Im not gonna stop watching South Park.

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family guy because stewie and brian are hilarious and peter is lost louise meg and chris are just kinda there ya kow. But everyone on that show is funny.

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Family Guy, ahaha

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Please don’t ask me to choose. I love them both.

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