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Is there anybody alive who knows how to get the last grains of salt out of a Morton Salt box?

Asked by Jeruba (55927points) July 26th, 2009

If so, what’s the trick (short of cutting into the box)?

I hear them rattling around in there, but no matter how I tip it, I can’t seem to get them to tumble across the pour spout and fall out.

It’s not that I can’t spare those few grains. I’m sure they’ll find their way back into the earth where they belong. It’s just the idea of the thing.

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I don’t have a clue, but the question is pure gold, ha ha! You get a smiley face sticker for that one.

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Just let them go….

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I wish I had an answer for you. I live in a town that sits atop lots of salt mines and Morton Salt is mined here, but I still have no clue.

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Fill the container with water, pour the water wherever you want the salt to be, and let the water evaporate. I’m not sure why you’d care that much, though :)

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Maybe not using these few salt grains could be your foray into excess. Just toss them, and feel rich.

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I’ve never been able to manage this trick myself, either. Cutting the box seems to be the only way, but I’ve never bothered to do it. If they’d put a prize in there, like Cracker Jacks does, I might try it!

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@Jeruba I’ll ask Evelyn just as soon as she gets back from Down Under, where she is attempting some experiments with kangaroos and suitcases. I’m sure she has an answer to this conundrum.

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I just cut the top off.

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It’s a five step process at our house:
1) Pull the metal top off and throw it in the recycling bin.
2) Push finger into the box top and bend a flap back
3) Pour remaining salt grains into the shaker or on food.
4) Throw empty box into paper recycling bin or burnable trash bag to heat house.
5) Pat self on back for saving 0.01 cent of salt, 3 BTU, and 1 gram of metal.

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What inventive responses! Letting go is probably the right thing to do, but that does seem like giving up too easily. I think I like Jayne’s idea of dissolving it best; vacuuming is a close second. However, I will probably try pulling out the metal spout next time. Thanks, @Lupin.

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There is a law of physics which states the impossibility factor of getting every grain out of that stupid shaker.
It has to do with a subset of the law of diminishing returns.

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This has been purposely designed into the packaging by the good folks at Morton. They know you will put some time and effort into securing those last grains and all the while, they have cleverly placed their good name right into your hands as you shake and invert the box. This increases the likelihood of your next purchase being Morton’s although they don’t mind you purchasing their brand based on you issuing a personal challenge that you will succeed on the next box you buy, which of course, has been doomed for failure. Either way, you’ll buy Morton’s.

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Is it possible that the last few grains are, like, an inch on a side? @knitfroggy, would they tell you if you asked?

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@Jeruba I dunno, I suppose I could find out and let you know. I mean, you paid for all the should be able to use it! :)

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