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Did you know that we've been featured on Lifehacker?

Asked by eambos (8889points) July 28th, 2009

One of my favorite sites (besides Fluther, of course) has wrote an article about us! Get ready for a whole lot of new members! What will this new crowd be like? Will they be accepted, or will we have another power struggle?

I hope it ends well; most of the commenters on Lifehacker seem pretty cool.

Can the servers take the influx of new visitors?

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Awesome! I look forward to the influx of great minds!

Welcome Lifehackers!

I was just reading the comments on the article and there was concern about repeat questions.
So I wanted to add that We have an awesome crew of moderators keeping both the repeats down and quality up.

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Sweet. I just noticed that.

I think most lifehacker commenters are pretty cool, though. Could be worse.

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Akward name though…

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I’m always wary of the new influx of users, but it always works out in the end :)

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@Tink1113 – How so? The site’s about hacks and neat shortcuts to make life more productive. Lifehacker seems like a sensible name.

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@benseven Haha yeah, I think it’s cause I’ve never heard of that site before. Now I get it, duh, I’m so stupid.

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Cool. thanks for the link, eambos!

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That’s where I just found out about this site! Sweet.

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Cool.. I really like Lifehacker.

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Lifehacker is what introduced me here as well. Seems nice so far, will try it out further!

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Maybe somebody should start a thread explaining a bit more of Fluther. Like stuff that isn’t in the guidelines…

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@dverhey Add some info here! People are bound to read this question. If I could find the link to the “Fluther memes” question, I’d post that. Definitely a good thread for a newcomer to read

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Alright then. I can do that.

Don’t ask questions like “What’s 8+8?” There is moderation here, and that’s how they keep it clean. That’s why Fluther is better than Yahoo Answers and Askville.
Fluther makes money off the advertisements on the sidebar and the others that show when you aren’t logged in.
We have no aversion to humor, it will just be better received once a serious answer is given on a question.
You can edit your quips (or answers) for 5 minutes after posting them (Correct me if that’s wrong. I’m not sure…)
The moderation is based on users “Flagging” responses or questions. The mods don’t just go through by themselves and remove.

Here is a thread that shows some of the Flutherites favorite questions.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Fluther is quite addicting and fun once you figure it out. Come for the questions, stay for the community.

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I forgot to include the Marriage Proposal. One of Fluther’s finest moments.

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Lemme add that people that use Fluther are usually referred to as Flutherites or Jellies.

We also prefer good grammar. You can catch some flak for using lots of txtspk, or spelling words painfully wrong.

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Ahem, I’m sorry but we are called Jellies not Flutherites.

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Jellies refers to the user.
Flutherites refers to our homeland.

Thus I feel both are accurate.

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It’s 10 minutes, sorry :P

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@Enlightr – Welcome! and we hope you stay awhile!

Here where the men are robust, the women are pink cheeked and the children are robust and pink cheeked.

Whatever that means.

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Looking forward to meeting new people out there, hear what they have to say and learn from them. Of course they will be accepted. I’m new and I could personally attest that Flutherites (or Jellies, I get confused) are very welcoming.

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Flutherites is more correct.

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Cool! Welcome Lifehackers.

(Pets servers) C’mon pal, you can do it.

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Excellent site! :) Lifehacker brought me here!

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Answered Dog’s question, so though I’d make myself heard here as well, thanks for all the welcome’s guys, enjoying myself already, now I can have two websites constantly open in my browser, Fluther and Facebook!

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This explains why I had 38 questions for me when I logged in!

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Welcome to the collective!

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No wonder i had 15 questions added since this morning! Great to have fresh new minds come in!

Welcome guys!

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<—also from there, for everyone’s reference

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Welcome @barumonkey (If I have not already welcomed you)

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@barumonkey You’ll become part of the monkey clan. There are several others. =]

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Like @Allie says- and the monkeys rock!

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Yeah, welcome all!

My inbox had 142.

I can’t even say that number. When I try it comes out “shoetree.”

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