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Grants or Freelance Income for Cancer Families / Caregivers?

Asked by sullivant (7points) July 28th, 2009

I am a cancer caregiver; my wife is a 3 year survivor of breast cancer. As stressing as that is, I know prayer and friends and family really help with that aspect of the disease.

While I am not here to look for work, I was wondering if anyone knew of ideas, places ( like guru ), and grants out there for families (2 adults, 3 young kids) like mine.

I am a programmer for a large hospital. Payroll and medical charging. The typical stuff; ruby, perl, java, sql, etc.

Paying the bills, while tight, is happening on a regular basis. Really what I want is the ability to buy my wife something extraordinary for her 40th birthday (December) and am looking for advice and recounts of experience others have had with various online freelance places like guru.


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I earned about $5000 in a year working at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk while I was taking care of my husband and recovering from surgery myself. If you are located in the US that can be helpful.

Otherwise, I haven’t used the freelance places such as guru. Good luck.

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Oh Mechanical Turk – I forgot about that! Thanks!

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