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Who else just loves the random little quotes on the homepage?

Asked by Chongalicious (2761points) July 29th, 2009

You know, those quotes you might hear in a movie, or on a show, that appear just below your name on the righthand side of the screen…Aren’t they great? I think so…and What’s your favorite of them all?

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I noticed them too, they’re pretty amazing. I think my favorite is “Well, we don’t think you’re having a bad hair day”.

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Sure. I kinda like them.

I make fluther weak in the knees…

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Bendrew made the site fun… Just wait til you try to add yourself to your fluther. :)

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Heh. Glad you like them. I do too. Every now and then Andrew and Ben will have a thread where Jellies can contribute new sayings and then they pick some and turn them into welcome messages. It’s pretty fun.

I like quite a few. Like “We <3 you” or “Oh, it was so boring without you” or “You’re back! Our wish came true.”

@Likeradar… or when they try to click on a dead end link. (Poohat!)

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I lurve them. :)

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I like “Here comes your boss. Look busy!”


I also like when you want to click on “Add yourself to your fluther” and then a Wikipedia article of Narcissism appears. Priceless!

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@allie heh, i was just going to ask if you had a away to do that, i’m new enough i didn’t realize you had it. ah, well. No good idea from me >.<

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They’re a wonderful touch. Same with the email notifications when you get a reply to your question.
“You’ll never believe it Sarcasm, there’s great news! You’ve received a response!”

Also, I’m a fan of adding myself. I found that in my first 5 minutes here at Fluther and fell in love (On Airow, a similar site, I was my own friend).

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@bvdshec17 aww, you spoiled it. I hadn’t tried it yet :’-(

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You’ve been working out haven’t you! ...and I have! :-)

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Here is the old compliment question.
And here is a passive-aggressive version.

Read through and have some chuckles.

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Wow, thanks you guys…my favorite is “Does your mother know you’re here?”

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I love the random compliments.
How many people give you random compliments during the day?

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic not too many! Fluther’s pretty awesome, haha. Have you ever played with the flutherbot in AIM? It’s kind of funny =)

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@Chongalicious It’s funny when you talk dirty to Flutherbot. He gets all flustered and confused… or at least he used to.

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I think I’m going to start texting random compliments to people and then I can be part of this threadand make people smile in wonder and awe…

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@Allie, I think I’ll try that =P

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@lynneblundell haha, I think that was the first question on here that I posted an answer too =P

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I like “Your hair looks great today”

mainly because I know mine never does.

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A few I like:

The Nobel Committee called; we told them you’re busy.

You’re the cream in our coffee.

You have that certain je ne sais quoi.

You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!

Ahoy matey.

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I liked it on April Fools Day, myself.

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… so, i just got “It’s not true! You look nothing like the chupacabra!” That was pretty amazing. Had me laughing out loud.

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@BhacSsylan good one! I didn’t see that one yet =D

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They make me smile :)

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But… I thought they were only for me :(

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Yeah, there cool! I just got this one and thought it was funny!
You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!

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Fluther baked me a cake!

But seriously… reminds me of the Unix Fortune program. Observe:

ducon@zorak:/home/ducon# fortune | cowsay
/ Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who…......\
| has merely laid an egg cackles as if .............|
| she laid an asteroid. ....................................|
| ..................................................................|
\—Mark Twain ............................................ /
...... \... ^__^
....... \.. (oo)\_______
............(__)\........... )\/\
................. ||——w. |
................. || ........ ||
(I had to add some dots to get the spacing back.)

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I agree with @dverhey April Fools was fun. I can’t find the link but I’m sure the link @Allie gave us had many of the greetings that were used.

Now I’ll get back to construing drivel elsewhere.

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Aw, of course I smell good. It’s my pheromones! :D

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I love short but profound or silly lines from movies, written words, etc
The only one that comes to mind at present is from a song, can’t even remember who sung it, but it says “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”. There are SO many out there. wish I knew where there was just a list to compare to. Yogi Beara had some great lines too…“it’s just like de ja vu all over again”.

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Fluther makes me feel special. I get all warm and fuzzy when it says “We’ve been expecting you”

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I saw one today I hadn’t seen before and I loved it.
“We. Drink. Your. Milkshake.”

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@jamielynn2328 lurve for using the term warm and fuzzy! haha it’s my favorite thing to say =)
@Sarcasm that is amazing..I haven’t seen it yet!

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My breath is always wintery fresh, it seems.

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I love them too!! I laughed out loud when it said “We think we are falling in love with you”....or something to that effect.

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@wickedbetty We are falling in love with you.

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“It’s you we’ve been waiting for.”
Aw…it makes me special. :D

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I’m new to fluther and am addicted!

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LOVE the random quotes…and thoroughly enjoy fluther, really appreciate the way it is run, the ability to choose those questions which are meaningful or just plain fun to answer and also the sarcasm as described above. I feel bad that I’ve not been online for some time, but couldn’t be avoided. Life does get in the way sometimes of fun!

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The little quotes are part of what gives fluther its irresistible charm! Fluther wants to be just like me when it grows up!

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