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Why does the male half of so many television sitcoms couples seem to be a boob?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) July 29th, 2009

Seriously, if you watch sitcoms you will see a pattern – the husband is a complete goofball who can’t find is hind quarters with both hands. Homer, Doug, Paul, Ralph, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, Jason Seaver, even Steven Keaton had to be rescued by Meredith Baxter fairly regularly. I’m not complaining mind you, just interested in hearing some theories on this.

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Art imitates life?

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Just think! If there was no “boob” in the series, would it even be funny?
And seriously, women’s rights activists can be incredibly sensitvie, so if they made the woman the only idiot out of the bunch…it would be a RIOT! Fire and all…

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Market research and focus groups determine all that stuff, unless there are some genuinely creative writers and smart producers who manage to slip one past the goalie.

Otherwise, it’s just to sell salty snacks and Vagasil.

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Because there needs to be a real boob present to help offset all of the fake boobs present on the set.

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@Blondesjon lurve lurve lurve that answer!

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Would it be the same if the women is the boob?
men have to be the boob

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And how are these losers getting hot women?

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That has always bugged me too.

Here we have a guy about as intelligent as a Golden Retriever and he has a Barbie wife and smart-ass kids that talk to the parents like they are idiots and the parents take it. Sorry- you got me started.

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Men on these shows are overgrown boys.
Also Married with Children, the Sopranos, and Friends.

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@Dog . . .I know.

I would have beat the shit out of Micheal P. and all three of the Turner children.

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its true. if the woman was dumb and dudly, women’s rights groups would be outraged. but i think guys care less. so. there? lol

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What about George Lopez?

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@filmfann take into consideration that the ladies on Friends are also quite ditzy. Apparently in Hollywood, you really can’t have beauty and brains…

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I have a third boob.

my husband

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Because sexism towards men evidently doesn’t exist. Its not just sitcoms, most commercials portray men in the same manner.

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Basically what @deni said.
It happens in adverts too. ”(product) so easy, even dad can use it!” and so on.

It seems like it’s payback for days before womens’ suffrage. (Since of course the guys who are in their 30s now are the ones who set the rules back in the 1800s)

Oh well. As long as us men have our have International Sexy Ladies Show, I think we’re still winning. I watched about 10 minutes of this and got bored

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Because it’s funny and often times true

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People take what they’re handed.
And besides, the formula works, from the networks perspective why should they change it?

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Because we are the boobs at times, but who doesn’t like the real ones

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@asmonet . . .even if the roles were reversed?

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I agree with @asmonet
People love it when the guy is the boob.

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Since the earliest times people have made fun of the powerful as a way of coping. Whether it was the henpecked Roman paterfamilias or the President of the US with a “What, me worry?” grin, humor that deflates the big man or woman is always popular.

Generally the most powerful person in the family is the father. We don’t make jokes about deadbeat, absentee dads, their weakness makes us scorn them,

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is fraiser considered a boob?

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He he. You said boob.

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I’m watching frasier now

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I love this guy
and this one

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I’ve always wondered how the fat and/or stupid guy got the stone cold fox wife. And it occurred to me that there are two things up with this. One is that many of these shows (King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.) are CREATED by the male stars. And they will be able to get women to watch on the basis of the writing of the show alone, but if they put a fat, ugly woman in the role of the wife, well, let’s face it…a lot of guys are too shallow and they’d never watch the show. Another reason would be that women would be less likely to watch a show where they were the butt of the joke…men simply aren’t as image conscious as women and are more likely to be able to laugh at themselves than women who because of our culture are almost forced to project a super level of confidence and ability to be taken as seriously as men. It’s part of the double standard in our culture.

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lol look he can’t operate the stove! he should probably just go back into the garage and let his wife handle things!

god I hate sitcoms…...

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Because it is entertainment. People find that sort of thing funny. It is the same as any mismatched (fish out of water) couples, either both sexes, both men, both women. There is always one silly (the loser brother in Two and a Half Men) or the dumb blond sister.

It has very little to do with “real life” and a lot to do with comedy.

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Television is selling these shos to the women and boobs in the audience.

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I feel like it’s taking (1) the Boob versus Straightman routine and combining it with (2) the Wife-Husband dynamic, with the 3rd element being the “traditional” thinking (or something) that (3) men are more “apt” to comedy than women or something ridiculous like that.

The phenomenon is so true though! The only wife-boob I can think of is Lucille Ball, and there are so many husband-boobs. I guess “Fran” on “The Nanny” was a lady-boob too.

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I just love it when someone calls a man a boob. It just cracks me up!

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@cak what’s so funny…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 crap…sorry. I just think the word boob is fun to say. Boob. Booooooob. Buh-ooooob. I have two, you’d think this would bore me.

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@cak You’re such a boob!

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@jonsblond I know. I’m a boob, I’m married to a boob and I love saying boob. I need boob therapy.

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@cak If we ever go camping together we’ll need an extra tent for all the buh-ooooobs.

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I offer in house breast addiction therapy as well.

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Would you then be ABoyCuredBoobs04?

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They’re written that way because (IIRC) women watch sitcoms more than men do, and are usually the main purchasers of the household.

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@cyndihugs Your first link is to homeless shelters in NYC.
Is that what you meant?

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@jonsblond gotcha covered on that one…we have extra tents. The Bewbs will be covered.

@aprilsimnel bewb! That’s a great spelling.

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@filmfann shittt
that was for another fluther question…

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Well if you look at The Big Bang Theory all the guys are really smart and Penny is the ditsy one.

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@sweetteaindahouse yeah but she’s cool calm, popular, etc, the two dudes in that show struggle a whole lot more.

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