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Does dairy make you congested? If so are there any dairy products that do not?

Asked by Krazykat (74points) August 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I find that when I have dairy products I progressively become more and more congested and start getting a headache. If you have the same problem have you found any dairy products that do not cause this? Or have you found anything to counteract it?

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I am in the medical field (not a doctor) and those symptoms sound like an allergy. In our culture we feel milik is good for us as it contains many good things for us. On the other hand it contains traces of antibiotics, hormones, blood, pus, pestisides, Casein, found in milk is a substance that can cause allergies. The common allergy symptoms are excessive production of mucus and headaches. Soy milk is an alternative. I hope this helps.

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@ Saturated Brain, did you research it? I suggest you do.

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@Flo_Nightengale Oh no… No thank you.. I’d rather not… I don’t want to ruin my happy ignorance about the healthy goodness-filled milk I drink every day…

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You may be lactose intolerant, have you ever been tested for that?

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NAC helps with mucous
Massaging sinus also helps clear nasal passages
Digestive enzymes (protease) may help break down protein component

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