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Where is the best place (online or offline) to sell a 3 year old Lenovo (IBM Thinkpad) laptop of mine? EBay?

Asked by delta77 (196points) August 2nd, 2009

I want to sell my laptop.

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Craig’s List is also a possibility in that the person could be required to hand you cash at the time you turn over the laptop, and the person would also be able to see that the laptop works before they take it.

My SIL buys and sells laptops on Craig;s List fairly often, as the tide of teenagers ebbs and flows through her house.

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I was a complete eBay fanatic from very close to the time it first went on line, until about two or three years ago when I began to see shady transactions compete with the secure ones.

I think @Darwin has a “Great Answer.”

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Do you have a local college or university? Students like laptops and don’t like spending a lot of money. Put the two things together and you could have an easy sell.

Assuming, of course, that you have a non-creepy way of advertising it.

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Your best bet is to find one of your friends who you think is in the market for a cheap laptop. They’ll probably give you a reasonable price for it and it’s safer/less of a hassle than ebay or craigslist.

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I would wait until windows 7 comes out.

That will make an older machine much more appealing as it runs really really well on older machines.

Unless your not in a hurry.

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I would agree with FrogOnFire, best bet with old tech is to find someone you know who has a use for it. Strangers probably won’t be worth the hassle of selling it. This all assumes this wasn’t a super high end model when you bought it. If it was then go for ebay/craigslist.

One other place I would recommend is NotebookReview Forums. There is a Buy/Sell section where you might be able to work something out. There is a minimum post requirement before you can sell though. I find places like this to be more trustworthy then ebay/craiglist.

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Your best bet is an in-person transaction, preferably with someone you know or someone who someone you know knows. Ebay is a scammer’s haven to the point where I ignore it completely. Craigslist is good because you end up face to face.

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I would sell it on Ebay. I’m scared to sell anything on craigs list.. heck here in memphis… you would go to meet the person and NEVER come back because they would take the laptop an kill you! Scary! An I am a power seller on ebay.. Tell me what model it is an if there is anything wrong with it and I can tell you what they are going for.

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.I’d be interested in buying it. But….guess I’m a little late here…

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